Our Team of Mac Lovers Blends Minimalism and Functionality in One App

The moment we first switched on Mac, we realized it was a match made in heaven.

Apple managed to incorporate simplicity and abundance of functions in one product. Inspired by this idea, we decided to create a simple-looking app with dizzying capacities.

‘Less is more’ principle is applicable to everything whether it be an interface or system requirements.

We don`t believe that app`s overwhelmed interface, confusing navigation, and high system requirements have anything in common with its functionality. Most often, a simple yet workable app is what every user is looking for.

So, we took the lead.

After long months of investigation, we found out there is no any app with a great deal of functions yet minimalistic design. Ours is a groundbreaker that fits all users no matter how savvy they are. The app knows more than people do and comes in handy to those who value their time.

Smart Assistant is the heart and soul of our app.

It analyzes Mac performance, elicits potential problems, and suggests to solve them all in one click. Smart Assistant is an automatic function, but users can spearhead its work if they want to. It never bombs with annoying pop-ups and unclear explanations. The description of this feature comes down to one word ‘workable.’ That`s what we struggled for. That`s what we got.

MacFly Pro is the result of our hard work, company`s values, and human desire to make a good product for good people.

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