How to Clean an Apple Computer:
The Basics

No computer is immune to occasional stutters. It’s when slowdowns are your Mac’s second nature that it becomes a real problem. Whether it’s your compact MacBook Pro or a full-fledged desktop powerhouse packed inside the iMac Pro, dealing with the issues requires a wise approach with peculiarities considered.

Looking up solutions online usually includes something along the lines of “junk cleaning”, but what does that actually mean? The so-called junk files are what each of your Macs is dealing with regardless of model, year of production, screen size, disk capacity, CPU speeds and even macOS version its running. Various temporary files, caches, preferences, logs, saved user data, application support files, etc. are all generalized into junk files i.e. highly likely redundant data that consists of both useful, outdated, corrupted or all around no-longer-required information. Depending on the type of files different aspects of your Mac can be affected.

Another underlooked cause of all the hassle can be sheer aging hardware. Once again, depending on your choice of system, a different component can be bottlenecking the performance or standing on the way of meeting your demands in general.

To get to more insight into what your Mac may be struggling with read up on more specific guides below.

Pick Your Mac

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iMac CleanUp

Powerful desktop for creators that takes on challenges like a champ. Learn to keep your iMac cleaner and it’s performance on par.

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Mac Mini CleanUp

Ideal system to get aquatinted with Apple’s ecosystem. Grab a Mac Mini cleaner to match, and maximize its efficiency.

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MacBook Pro CleanUp

Apple’s portable flagship that pack’s a punch. With components soldered on, knowing how to clean your MacBook Pro is essential to it performing well.

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MacBook Air CleanUp

Go-to lightweight laptop that balances portability and performance. Learn not to sacrifice the latter with the right MacBook Air cleaner.

What Are Apple Cleaning Apps For? Stuff to Know

Mac cleaning software is a relatively hot topic online. Judging by the reactions (Apple forums included) it only goes one of the two ways — you either love it or you hate it. Setting emotions aside, things aren’t this black & white.

To do it justice, Apple cleanup software is often misrepresented and falsely advertised, hence, the negative rep. In reality, most maintenance and cleaning software on Mac is a matter of convenience. It’s not about adding performance, but rather providing a user-friendly way of utilizing functionality that most feel should have been included in macOS by default. Fine-tuned Mac utility app blends into your experience enabling you to monitor and manage your Mac’s RAM, storage, temporary files, apps etc.

Some applications heavily focus on, for example, disk cleaning, while other ones aim to be do-it-all companions.

Choosing Apple Computer Cleaner: Things to Consider

Keeping your Mac performing on the level has become considerably easier with the help of clean up applications. Yet it is choosing the app that your MacBook will actually benefit from that has become a tough task. On the contrary, once you pick up that perfect maintenance tool for your Mac’s disk, things are bound to get significantly easier to manage.

Settling down for an application is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are about to make a commitment to subscribe for the app’s services. Naturally it’s recommended you make a choice depending on what kind of problems you’re most frequently dealing with, however, if you prefer taking preventative measures it’s your Mac model you should be considering. Either your Apple computer is running low on free storage, falls short on RAM capacity or lacks CPU performance — there are different approaches to optimizing its performance. Finding the right utility is not just about cleaning your caches, it’s about the toolkit that will help squeeze more out of your system’s weaker links.

Mastering the maintenance of your Mac will ensure stable performance, fortify its longevity, and help protect the integrity of your data. Start by finding out more about your Mac and learning both strong and weak suits. Pick up an app to help run, or even automate, optimization process and reap the unfading macOS smoothness.

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