The new macOS High Sierra is out, and there is a number of reasons that make it a worthy successor! Don’t be fooled by the name though, as OS X 10.13 is not just Apple’s attempt to speed up mac OS Sierra. The updated OS X version brings quality-of-life upgrades, optimizes performance, and takes security to a new level.

Not to mention that if your Mac running Sierra feels slow, and Sierra cleaners don’t seem to solve performance issues — High Sierra can be the anticipated cure to your Mac’s software troubles. And for you not to come out empty-handed on all the good stuff included in macOS High Sierra, take a peek at the simple-to-follow infographic to discover essential new features that lie beneath the ever so familiar and clean mac Sierra UI.

Note (as to November, 29th): The only ‘not cool’ thing about High Sierra is one security issue that has been recently noticed by one Apple user. The thing is that any person can login to any High Sierra based computer as “root” not filling in the password field after clicking on login button several times. Be careful! You can simply take a couple of measures to avoid someone getting to your personal information: 1. Don’t give your Mac to anyone. Physical access is required to break in. 2. Setup a password for “root” user. You can learn how to do it from Apple Support. Apple promises to fix this issue soon, though. Now, let’s go to the infographic!

P.S. The issue has been fixed by Apple, but we still recommend you being careful and setting up a password for “root” user.

So, let's get on with the infographic!

new high sierra features