Mac Mojave Update Announced: Everything You Need to Know

Apple’s biggest conference of the year — WWDC 2018 — wrapped up to be a software-focused keynote. Apple CEO Tim Cook along with other executive staff have taken the stage to reveal Apple’s software updates road map which includes tvOS 12, WatchOS 5, iOS 12 and, of course, macOS 10.14 Mojave. Although no hardware was announced, no new MacBook revisions, iPads or iPhones, however Apple still had plenty to show off.

Without question, highlights of the keynote were iOS 12 with its improved support and optimization for older devices, WatchOS 5 with its promising walkie-talkie and yoga-tracking features, and an immense new macOS Mojave update, which is more than worth a closer look.

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New Features in macOS Mojave

After a well-received, yet imperfect in security department macOS 10.13 High Sierra, macOS 10.14 Mojave is Apple’s response to the concerns which comes with some helpful and long-wished-for features. The release is planned for this fall, yet you can already grab Mojave developer preview or wait for public beta coming later in June. To hype you up in the meantime, here are a few of the most exciting Mojave features.

Dark Mode

Right off the bat, it is safe to say that Dark Mode is the single most requested and long-awaited macOS feature. Users seem to have been asking for ages to be able to set dark interface theme on their Macs and it is finally here, in macOS Mojave. Even if darker aesthetics is not your thing, Dark Mode also allows you to focus on your work putting less strain on your eyes. In addition, your screen requires much less energy to light up darker pixels.

After updating to macOS 10.14 Mojave, you will be offered to select Dark Mode upon first booting up into the new OS.

dark mode mojave

However even if you choose to pass on it right away, enabling Dark Mode is simple and straightforward.

macos dark mode

Dynamic Desktop

Another new addition to the macOS appearance is Dynamic Desktop. The feature allows you to set dynamic wallpapers which change in real-time day and night cycle. Notably, the new wallpaper goes well with the new Dark Mode. In order to apply the new Dynamic Desktop picture:

macos dynamic desktop

Dynamic Desktop requires location services enabled to be able to change throughout the day, so in case your wallpaper remains static this is the first thing to check.

enable location services


While we are on the topic of Desktop appearance, there is now a brand new way of keeping things nice and tidy. Apple calls it Stacks. With the help of Stacks, you can group any and all of your Desktop clutter into Stacks based on Kind, Tags, or Dates.

stacks feature macos

Simply Control-click on the desktop and click on Group Stacks.

Quick Look & Screenshots

On top of all the appearance-focused features, macOS Mojave also introduces features to improve productivity and speed up your interaction with a file. Namely, you can now use Markup with Quicklook. This means that you can review, comment, make notes, share and even sign a document, without having to open it in a dedicated app. Screenshots tool also gets a rework. It inherited the corner thumbnail from iOS and now immediately punches in the Markup where you edit your screenshot even before you save it. By hiding Command-Shift-5 you can now bring up a toolbar with the following options:

Other Changes

The latest computer OS release from Apple also comes with a set of quality-of-life changes that may not seem as ‘big’. Here is a quick overview of what else you’re getting in the 10.14 updates:

Is the New Mac OS Mojave Worth Installing?

As a general rule, it is recommended to install new macOS releases. This is mainly done for safety reasons as every release bring in a fresh portion of fixes and security updates. MacOS Mojave is not an exception to the rule, in fact, 10.14 Mojave even gives you additional control over apps that request your data. On top of that, macOS Mojave introduced a list of eagerly anticipated features which include Dark Mode, App Store redesign, Stacks and much more.

mojave public beta

All of this sounds tempting, yet the full release is scheduled for fall only. Developer preview and public beta are going to be optionally available starting June. Should you be getting the beta then?

While macOS Mojave is an extremely promising and feature-rich update, it is unadvised you sign up for a beta unless you are ready to experience unexpected bugs, errors and even crashes. If you can’t help the urge and fall sounds like too much wait, then at least give it a month until more stable betas are rolled out.

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