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7 Proven MacBook Battery Tips: How to Make It Last Longer?


It is common knowledge that MacBook Air/Pro battery has a more prolonged life in comparison to most laptops. Still, nothing lasts forever. Over time, the number of charge cycles runs out, and eventually, the battery dies. Do you need to sustain your battery life for a limited period or a single charge? Are you looking for long-term solutions to ensure your Mac’s battery will last? Take a look at the roundup of 7 proven tips and hacks to extend the battery life on your Mac.

How to Manage and Disable Startup Programs and Processes on Mac?


Every time you start your Mac, services and apps known as login items launch concurrently with the system. Most apps don’t request user permission to launch at startup, so they silently run in the background. They sneak into the list of login items and settle there, unnoticed, until Mac’s performance drops. It may happen that the application uninstalled from Mac long ago, still loads on startup.

How to Monitor Mac Battery Health?


Owners of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro should pay close attention to their laptop’s battery health. Keeping track of the notebook battery cycles is crucial for knowing when to replace it. In the event your Mac’s battery rapidly discharges, or your laptop refuses to work without a power source, it’s time to get alerted. Because of multiple recharge cycles, laptop batteries gradually lose their operating capacity. macOS Sierra constantly monitors the battery condition to help users evaluate their laptop’s battery health.

How to Change Memory in iMac - Step-by-Step Guide


iMac Apple computers are famous for being highly proficient. However, with time, they also might need an upgrade as far as RAM is involved. Used by photographers, designers, and other creative professionals, iMacs require a sufficient amount of RAM to keep up with memory-intensive projects. But when it comes to the RAM upgrade, iMac users often get puzzled by the idea. Read on to find out the ins and outs of performing an iMac memory change.

The Right Way to Uninstall Browser Apps on Mac Once and for All


The Internet technology has become the cornerstone of human progress. It has given a plethora of conveniences to humanity, including new types of professions and lifestyles. Broadband Internet allows high-speed data transfer across the world. Soon enough, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets will become a means of data transmission, while all the processing will happen in a cloud.

Discover 4 Fast & Easy Ways to Take a Screenshot on Macs


A screenshot, or a screen grab, is an easy and convenient way to demonstrate your Mac’s display to other users. This can be helpful for troubleshooting errors when you lack words to explain what went wrong to the tech support.

How to Stop Google Chrome from Opening on Startup: Step-by-step Guide


If you have used Mac long enough, you should know that some apps launch on startup automatically. This is convenient for programs used on a regular basis. That's why most people have nothing against Safari or Mail running in the background.

How to Customize System Preferences on Mac and Remove App Panes


Experienced Mac users know that many applications and utilities contain a preference pane component. It means that upon being installed on Apple computer, such apps create associated panes by adding icons to the System Preferences window. macOS reserves the first few rows of the System Preferences window to place its own settings.

How to Uninstall Chromium Browser on Your Mac Completely


The Chromium browser originated as a safer alternative to Chrome. Although Google's web browser is the second in popularity after Safari among Mac users, many netizens disagree with its interference into their Internet privacy. Unlike Chrome, Chromium doesn’t utilize the information about users’ browsing activities. Being an open-source solution, it allows anyone to create a customized browser based on its code.

How to Password Protect a Folder on Mac and Prevent Unwanted Access to User Data


Suppose, you have sensitive or confidential data intended for private use only stored on your MacBook. And systematically or occasionally you give this laptop to another person who for some reason might be using the same user account as you do. Accordingly, you need to conceal your files and ensure no one will get to them without you knowing.

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