Discover 4 Fast & Easy Ways to Take a Screenshot on Macs


A screenshot, or a screen grab, is an easy and convenient way to demonstrate your Mac’s display to other users. This can be helpful for troubleshooting errors when you lack words to explain what went wrong to the tech support.

How to Stop Google Chrome from Opening on Startup: Step-by-step Guide


If you have used Mac long enough, you should know that some apps launch on startup automatically. This is convenient for programs used on a regular basis. That's why most people have nothing against Safari or Mail running in the background.

How to Customize System Preferences on Mac and Remove App Panes


Experienced Mac users know that many applications and utilities contain a preference pane component. It means that upon being installed on Apple computer, such apps create associated panes by adding icons to the System Preferences window. macOS reserves the first few rows of the System Preferences window to place its own settings.

How to Uninstall Chromium Browser on Your Mac Completely


The Chromium browser originated as a safer alternative to Chrome. Although Google's web browser is the second in popularity after Safari among Mac users, many netizens disagree with its interference into their Internet privacy. Unlike Chrome, Chromium doesn’t utilize the information about users’ browsing activities. Being an open-source solution, it allows anyone to create a customized browser based on its code.

How to Password Protect a Folder on Mac and Prevent Unwanted Access to User Data


Suppose, you have sensitive or confidential data intended for private use only stored on your MacBook. And systematically or occasionally you give this laptop to another person who for some reason might be using the same user account as you do. Accordingly, you need to conceal your files and ensure no one will get to them without you knowing.

Learn How to Install OS X El Capitan on SSD


The new hard drive can become a salutary solution to the majority of problems with your Mac’s performance. Until quite recently, Mac could only offer the choice of two separate internal storage options for their computers: hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state disk (SSD). Today, Apple users often have an opportunity to install both drive types on their machine to speed it up and get more space for their needs.

How to Get to Library on Mac? Ease as One-Two-Three


By default, a Mac user cannot see the Library folder with the naked eye. The thing is, developers hide it from the computer owners making the folder “invisible.” The reason behind this arrangement is the need to prevent accidental removal or modification of important items saved in Library. These essential files may be divided into three major categories: app settings, caches and other system files.

The Importance of MacOS High Sierra for Your Mac


Over a month ago, Apple has launched MacOS High Sierra – a new cherished update for Mac lovers. Many users didn`t rush to upgrade their Macs, waiting till the company fixed major security bugs. With the release of Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 beta 3 (17B42a), it happened, and now, more and more users are switching to High Sierra.

How to Force Close Frozen Apps on Mac


You normally expect a smooth and trouble free work from your Mac, right? However, you can’t always expect the same from all the apps you install. Some of them are constantly failing to respond to user`s commands, and even a traditional force quit can`t always come to the rescue. What should you do then? Okay, we`ll share some useful tips on what to do if Command+ Options + Shift + Escape combination doesn`t work.

How to Find Largest Files on Mac? MacOS Sierra Guide


If you`re used to getting maximum out of MacOS Sierra, you already know about a super nice perk it has. If not, we`ll be there for you to make it clear. Apple`s MacOS Sierra offers a totally new way of storage optimization.