A Few Hacks on How to Monitor CPU Usage on Macs


You probably adore your Mac. Indeed, how can it be otherwise? It works smoothly, carries out all the tasks seamlessly, and looks great. However, slowdowns also happen to these machines. You`ll be frustrated to the core if once it lets you down. Macs often stop working correctly due to multiple processes that carry out simultaneously without you knowing about any of them. They eat up much of your CPU, causing serious lags. Although the problem looks dreadful, you can avoid it with ease, and in this post, we`ll show you how. Here we go!

How to Change a Wallpaper on Mac - Quick Guide


When you get your new Mac, you enjoy its every inch. However, time flies, and in a couple of months, you get bored with it. Of course, it`s more than natural to get accustomed to things, but it`s no way a reason to abandon them.

How to Use Airplay on Mac and Other Apple Devices


AirPlay is a proprietary protocol designed by Apple to enable wireless streaming of photo, video, audio, documents and other files among Apple devices. When you switch on AirPlay Mirroring, you can broadcast the screen of your device to another device in real time. For example, you can easily transmit the screen of your iPad to your Apple TV.

How to View a Cached Page on Your Mac?


We can divide all the cache into two types – server caches and local caches. Server cache is stored on the web browser server and is used to create temporary copies of the web pages. Local cache is used to speed up the download time of a website page. Server cache is a real go-to component that comes in handy every time you cannot access or delete valuable information. In this article, we want to share some useful tips on how to find and delete cache and how to use cache to access a temporally unavailable website.

DMG and PKG Files and How to Handle Them


The goal to keep your Mac clean and healthy is always at the top of our list. That`s why we’ve decided to share some Mac hacks with you. To make a long story short, here we will answer the question that bothers many Mac users ‘Can I delete dmg files?’ Of course, you can, and we will show you how you can easily find and delete .dmg and .pkg files from your Mac.

5 Secret Hidden Features of Your Mac


Do you think you know your Mac well? Hm, think again. Even experienced users are unaware of many secret functions buried in the margins of Mac OS X. In this article, you're sure to find some valuable and helpful info about amazing hidden features that you never suspected existed. Ready to look at your Mac from a different perspective?