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Choosing the Best Mac for Fast Video Editing in 2021


Mac systems have advanced a long way during recent years. In the past, people who wanted to edit videos probably had no choice but to use Windows systems. While they could be very reliable and have great software to work on, sometimes the hardware wasn’t optimized in the best possible way. This could lead to bottlenecks and other instances that could degrade the performance of the machine. All of this could result in an eventual end product of lower quality than what the creators wanted to show to their viewers.

During recent years, many talented creators and even highly skilled filmmakers started to discover the advantages of video editing for Mac. These devices have implemented a number of features that have allowed the creation of productions with incredible quality. This has happened due to a number of occurrences. They include things like:

● the performance of the available computers has been greatly improved, with new and more efficient processors and other internal components;

● new software has been developed for Mac systems, which takes full advantage of all the hardware capabilities of the computer;

● and also, there are many intrinsic features of the system that makes it highly streamlined and optimized to work great in this kind of environment!

But of course, even with those things in mind, it is still essential to carefully choose the machine that creators want to work on. Let’s review some of the most important things to take into consideration for video editing on Macs.

What are the necessary specs for doing good video editing?

First of all, it is essential to clarify that not all Mac devices are capable of this task. It is necessary to have some important video handling capability, as well as hardware that is able to work with all these graphic intensive programs. If devices with improper specs are chosen, it is likely that the computer will slow down a lot when working on the task. It could even happen that it will not be able to do the task at all. For this reason, let’s examine the most important system requirements to take into account when video editing on the Mac.

RAM 4 GB or more, 8 GB minimum if working with 3D graphics
Operating System The installed version of MacOS must be up-to-date
GPU Apple M1 or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or any newer model for both of them
Storage space As much as the raw files need

Let’s take a detailed look at the RAM requirements. As it is mentioned, 4 GB is the bare minimum. However, it is highly unlikely that with this bare minimum it will be possible to work with 3D videos. However, if simpler productions are the end product that creators want to make, then probably 4 GB will be more than enough.

Also, it is always important to keep the operating system up-to-date. This not only makes sure that the system is fully patched against bugs and potential security breaches. Having an updated system will ensure that the latest software features have been implemented. This can eventually result in the video editing on the Mac software working much better just by having the most recent version of MacOS.

When talking about the GPU, it is recommended to have an Apple M1 chip or an Intel HD Graphics 3000 or a newer iteration. It is worth remembering that most modern video editing tools rely much more on a great graphics processing unit. For this reason, if someone thinks that a great CPU is enough for editing videos, without investing in a great GPU, then better think again.

Finally, it can’t be understated how important it is to have enough internal storage space in the device. It should be remembered that, while the final video might be a few GB of size, the raw footage of the source material that will be used on its creation can be even terabytes in size. This means that it is extremely important to have a hard drive that is capable of accommodating such a level of data. Of course, having an external hard drive can also do a good job when video editing Mac.

What Mac is good for video editing?

Having established the necessary system requirements in order to edit video for Mac, now it is possible to openly talk about the best models suited for the job. First, it should be stated that it is possible to do this task on a desktop computer or on a Macbook device. As long as either of them complies with the aforementioned system requirements, it should be capable of doing this job pretty well.

At the end of the day it is a matter of personal preferences and needs. Some people do all their editing in an office. Maybe for them it will be sufficient enough to have a great desktop unit, such as a 24-inch iMac or a Mac Pro. The latter of them has the best performance out there.

However, many people may need to do Mac video editing anywhere. For them it is essential to have a machine that can be powerful enough to do the task, while being comfortable enough to be taken anywhere. Here there are two great choices that can be used for this very purpose. They include the MacBook Air, which is a powerful yet light machine, and also the Mac mini, which is a great option and has a lot of power in a small unit for a reasonable cost.

Why is the MacBook Air the best device to make video editing on the go?

There are many positive things to say about the MacBook air. For example, this device has a great 13-inch screen. For some people this might be too small. However, considering the quality of this display, it can really satisfy everyone's needs.

But that’s not all, because this relatively small device packs very powerful M1 chips. Users can pick between versions with 7 cores or 8 cores. The power of these GPUs allow the laptop to display incredible images in an excellent screen whose size is 1600x2500.

But the GPU is not the only great thing about the MacBook Air. This machine also allows its buyers to pick between 8 GB and 16 GB of RAM. Of course, the more, the better. However, for those with tighter budgets, the 8 GB version is capable of doing an outstanding job editing videos on a Mac.

Finally, speaking about the storage, all these versions of the MacBook air come with SSD units. They range between 256 GB and can be as large as 2 TB. It is important to consider that going for the bare-minimum, or the 256 GB option, might be too little storage for keeping the source footage that creators will work on. In other words, if there are no other mediums of storage available, such as external drives, it is essential to choose larger capacity hard drives.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the size and weight of the MacBook Air is simply perfect. Right now, for only 1.3 kg approximately, and being less than an inch thick, it is possible to carry around this great machine in an extremely comfortable manner, allowing video creators to use an editor video for Mac at any moment and from anywhere.

What about the Mac Mini for video editing?

For those who are on a tighter budget or need something as compact as possible there is the Mac Mini. This machine at its basic version offers 256 GB of internal storage through an SSD unit, 8 GB of ram and an 8-core CPU. The great thing about this machine is that even at its most basic versions, it is capable of performing most tasks regarding video editing.

But there is more, because while the Mac Mini doesn’t come with a screen of its own, it is possible to connect two displays. One of them can be as large as 4K, while the other can be even larger, with an impressive resolution of 6K. When these great features are combined with the plethora of HDMI and thunderbolt ports available, it is easy to see why so many people have decided to go for a Mac Mini for video editing for Macs.

How to optimize a Mac for video editing

When working with graphics-intensive applications such as video editing software, which also works with videos, images, audios, and so on, they tend to leave a lot of files that aren’t used anymore later. However, they still remain in the computer. This not only results in additional storage space being taken, but eventually, the computer’s performance can also be severely slowed down.

In order to avoid these situations, it is key to optimize the device with software such as Duplicates Finder. This program will thoroughly scan the device in search for the duplicates that video editing usually leaves behind. All of this results in an improved performance that every user can notice when doing video editing on a Macs.


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