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Is Your MacBook Getting Hot? Here Are Very Cool Ways to Chill It Off


cool down your mac

If an Apple computer gets hotter than hell and makes noise like a rock band, it is not normal. You should not let Mac burn that way. You'd better research why this is happening and explore solutions to prolong the lifespan of your device.

Once the temperature of an Apple computer achieves its maximum, the machine will simply stop and shut down without user’s command. The component that suffers most of all when Mac overheats is the battery. In cases when Mac gets a little hotter than usual, the computer’s overall performance may considerably decrease.

The post explains the ways to control Mac’s temperature and overall performance on some useful examples.

Why is My Mac So Hot?

While operating on 'heavy' processes, it is typical to notice MacBook heating up. However, the fact that the device shuts down suddenly and makes a lot of noise is the first sign you are not taking proper care of it. You should not ignore this alarming symptom.

In case you do not use your Apple computer to do a complex assignment, but it is still like a hot potato, check the search magnifying glass icon on the desktop. Is the dot pulsating inside the icon? Well, Spotlight is indexing user’s data currently!

Such procedure “eats up” plenty of Mac’s space and memory. It may take a while, and there is nothing a user can do to stop the process of indexing completely. Just plug Mac in and find a cool, flat surface for it. Do not try to Force Quit anything!

Why Is My Mac Fan So Loud?

Do you hear some weird sounds from your Apple computer? Well, it is not actually Mac itself, but rather its fans. It usually refers to the physical issues with these components. It is possible to scan the fans to detect the core problem:

  • Connect the power cable. Turn off the computer.
  • Push the power button. Keep holding D until you see the startup screen.
  • Stick to the offered prompts. Select the “basic test” if you have an outdated device.

Mac Temperature Monitor

Everyone remembers being a child and having his/her mom checking the body temperature with the help of a thermometer. Of course, it is impossible to measure computer’s temperature that way. Neither you can find out the temperature with macOS built-in utilities. I.e., Activity Monitor shows CPU load and energy impact but doesn't display the data we're looking for in our case.


check energy in activity monitor


To do that, you will need to whether apply special script for Terminal or install a third-party app, which has respective functionality. In addition to displaying the temperature, many of them can also regulate how Mac's fans work. For example, you can set the exact temperature value when fans would be force-turned on.

However, the other side of the coin of using such apps is the increased risk of harming your computer if you set up things wrongly. That's why it may be better not to use third-party utilities that interfere Mac's basic operations if you are not an advanced user. The key to preventing Mac overheating is the proper use of the machine – not some app that only deals with symptoms.

How to Keep Your MacBook Cool?

It is a Matter of Practice

In the beginning, mind the basic recommendations. Those are also the easiest and fastest methods to solve the problems with the work of your Mac.

First of all, do not use Mac in extreme temperatures. The normal conditions for seamless operation include a temperature range from 50° to 95° F (10°-35° C).

You also should make sure your computer works on the flat surface. It is the best way to dissipate heat.

The vents should not be covered. Reducing the blockage of vents is important. Make sure the blanket is not suffocating your Mac. Such places as user’s bed are not the best for usage.

Never apply Macs when it is too sunny outside. You just d make the situation worse as the direct sunrays maximize the temperature.

Wipe the computer regularly – keep it clean from any dirt or dust. Open the device and apply compressed air and a vacuum to get rid of the dust.

Shut down Runaway Applications

So, does your Mac remind you of the hottest days spent on a beach last summer? A built-in tool called Activity Monitor is something every Mac owner can use to analyze and improve the device’s performance. It is in the Utilities folder in your Applications. Choose the CPU tab to categorize the processes that require most of the resources. Any software that is applying around ninety percent of the CPU is perhaps an unresponsive application. It is better to shut down such tools.

Never Work with the Fan Control Software

Many so-called “experts” might offer third-party fan control tools promising a higher speed of Apple. It can really reduce the device’s temperature for some time. However, such apps cannot define the primary cause of the problem. They just put more wear and tear onto the fans. Moreover, in severe cases, the active use of third-party applications that interfere with the operation of Mac hardware may void the warranty. So is risking the warranty worth slight performance improvements? It's up to you to decide.

Regular Cleaning May Prevent Overheating

Why would anyone want to keep an Apple computer away from overheating? The reasons are obvious:

  • The computer will work faster and be more responsive.
  • Its components will have a longer lifespan.
  • The user will not have the “Designed by Apple” burnt into the flesh of his thigh.
  • The native fans will not operate louder than the film a Mac owner is watching.

The thing is, you can drastically reduce the chances of Mac overheating by performing its regular, thorough cleaning and maintenance. And that's where MacFly Pro comes in! It takes care of the computer’s system from the very beginning, preventing an Apple computer from overheating in the future. The app scans the system for unwanted items and duplicates, as well as lets you manage the RAM. Also, MacFly Pro can help quit applications one-by-one very quickly. Its built-in Uninstaller can completely erase any third-party software on your Mac. All-in-all, MacFlyPro provides quality maintenance for your Mac by taking care of the core performance factors to keep the device clean and cool.

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