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How to Change a Wallpaper on Mac - Quick Guide


When you get your new Mac, you enjoy its every inch. However, time flies, and in a couple of months, you get bored with it. Of course, it`s more than natural to get accustomed to things, but it`s no way a reason to abandon them.

changing mac wallpaper

If you feel that your mac no longer pleases you, change its wallpaper and screensaver. Sometimes even the minimal changes may bring back your affection. Here, we want to show you how to change a desktop picture on your mac. Hope, you`ll enjoy these useful tricks and combinations.

How to Set a Background on Your Mac

Way #1

You can set the picture for your desktop right from the browser. Once you find in Safari the image you like, make a right click on it and choose from the context menu this alternative ‘Use image as Desktop Picture’.

background on macs

Way #2

You can also pick up any image stored on your Mac and set it as a desktop picture. Click on the picture you want to use as a wallpaper to open the context menu. Then pick up ‘Services’ and move to ‘Set Desktop Picture’.

If you want to get back to a standard wallpaper, double-click on the touchpad of MacBook or simply click on a free window area to open the context menu. Then, click on ‘Change Desktop Background’.

You can access Desktop & Screensaver window through System Preferences. Once you find this window, click on the picture you like and change your background.

Images stored in the folders ‘Photos’ or ‘Pictures’ can also be set as a wallpaper. If you`ve decided to add a folder with images, click the plus sign and pick up a folder you`d like to add. Don`t forget that if you add a folder stored on USB flash card or an external hard drive, you can disable it on your Mac, and your desktop will automatically change to the standard one. You can also enable automatic change of your Mac`s backgrounds. Simply mark the checkmark ‘Change picture’ and choose the date after which your wallpaper will be changed.

How to Change a Screensaver on Your Mac

New screensaver is one more way to give your Mac a more personal touch. If you want to change it, go to system preferences and click on ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’. Pick up a Screensaver tab and choose a style of screensaver you like. In the Source drop-down menu, select the source you want to set as a screensaver and specify the time when the screensaver should start.

mac screensaver

If you want, you may use your photo library as a screensaver. Go to System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver -> Screen Saver tab. In this tab, select the style of your screensaver and pick up Photo Library as a Source. Then, choose the photo album you like and set it as your screensaver.

Of course, you can find each of these combinations if you dig through the Internet, but we think it would be cool to have them all in one post. Hope, these shortcuts will help you breathe a new life into your old mac.

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