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How to quickly clear cookies on Mac in Safari, Firefox, Chrome browsers


Cookies can be a necessary evil. They can be extremely useful in order to remember all sorts of login, banking and personal information that needs to be frequently entered on different websites that we visit. However, at the same time, there are many privacy concerns that might arise by keeping them. Therefore, sometimes it is a good idea to clean them. These files also tend to accumulate in large numbers if left unchecked. This means that also for performance reasons, it is a good idea to learn how to clear cookies in a Mac, in order to keep it as good as new.

Every web browser generates cookies of its own. These are the means they have to store the data that sometimes we need to remember for later occasions for inserting in different websites. However, while all web browsers have one way or another of keeping these files on their records, they also allow their users to delete them if they need to. Here we will discuss how to clear cookies on Mac. The three most famous web browsers that people use in these systems are Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Therefore, the process of deleting these files in all three of them will be thoroughly examined.

Before that, let’s review a little bit something about these three web browsers prior to examining the how to clear cookies Mac process more clearly:

  Safari Firefox Google Chrome
Market Share Around 15% Around 3% Around 70%
Developers Apple Mozilla Foundation Google

Mobile device compatible

Yes Yes Yes

These are simple comparisons between these three browsers. While the one that people eventually end up using tends to depend on a matter of personal tastes, there are some features where some of these

browsers do better than others. Nevertheless, the three of them are compatible with most of the websites and content that is currently available on the Internet. Therefore, all of them are extremely reliable and solid platforms to use in order to browse the Internet. All of them also have extremely simple processes on how to clear cookies on a Mac.

Deleting cookies from the Safari browser in a Mac system

Let’s start by reviewing how to clear cookies from Safari in the web browser developed by Apple for its own systems.In general, the process of deleting these files in Safari is quite simple. First of all, it is necessary to bring up the web browser on the computer. Later, it is necessary to click in Safari from the taskbar of the system, and then select Preferences.

Once inside the Preferences menu, users will need to go to the Privacy menu. Here they will find an option that says Remove All Website Data. However, some people might not want to delete all the cookies that they have from all the websites that they regularly visit. Sometimes to clear cookies Safari a few websites might be enough. An option to do exactly that is given by the system.

In order to clear cookies on Safari that a specific website has left in the system, all that users must do is to select Details, and over there, they will see a list of websites they regularly visit. Besides this list of websites, more information will be displayed. This includes things such as the number of files, the total size that the files are using, and even the chance to review individual files. Here users will be able to select the sites that they want and make a safari cookies clear process from those places they want.

Deleting cookies from the Google Chrome browser in a Mac system

As it was observed in the previous table, Chrome is by far the browser with the biggest market share in the entire market. Right now it is used by approximately 5 times more users than Safari, and a whopping 20 times more than Firefox. Therefore, it is crucial that such a large number of users know how to do an upkeep of their favorite browser by understanding how to clear cookies for Mac, so it can remain clean and allow its users to continue using their computers and browsers without problems.

As in Safari, the process of removing these cookies is extremely simple. First of all, from the Mac’s taskbar, it is necessary to select Google Chrome after the browser has been launched. Once inside this menu, users need to select Clear Browsing Data.

Inside this menu, users will be asked which kind of information they want to delete. It includes things like:

● the browsing history;

● the download history;

● remove the cache files;

● delete passwords and other saved data;

● and of course, removing the cookies as well!

Besides the kind of data that users want to delete, they will also be asked on how far back in time they want to delete the information. It is possible to delete the data from the last 24 hours, 1 week, or

everything, alongside other time periods. In general, here users have a lot of flexibility in determining what they want to keep and what they want to delete.

Deleting cookies from the Mozilla Firefox browser in a Mac system

Despite having the lowest market share of these three browsers, Mozilla is still a highly appreciated option among many different people. This is due to its simplicity and how serious privacy is taken by its developers.

In order to understand how to clear cookies from Mac from Mozilla Firefox it is necessary to open the browser, then click on Firefox from the top taskbar, and then select Clear Recent History.

At this stage, users will see a menu that looks similar to the one shown by Google Chrome. Here users will be asked what they want to delete, and on which time period. After clicking on the Clear Now button, users will see how these files and information is deleted in no time.

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