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How to View a Cached Page on Your Mac?


We can divide all the cache into two types – server caches and local caches. Server cache is stored on the web browser server and is used to create temporary copies of the web pages. Local cache is used to speed up the download time of a website page. Server cache is a real go-to component that comes in handy every time you cannot access or delete valuable information. In this article, we want to share some useful tips on how to find and delete cache and how to use cache to access a temporally unavailable website.

cached pages in google

How to Find Cached Pages

Surfing on the Internet, you`ve probably noticed that not all of the websites are available. You can click on it and see an error, ‘sorry’ texts, oops messages, whatever. It`s not exactly what you`ve been looking for, but you may use server cache to get what you are looking for. Imagine another situation: making changes to your own website, you accidentally wiped out a huge chunk of content, design parts or anything you need so desperately.

In this case, server cache can also help you out. Simply put, server cache temporally stores web documents, like images and HTML pages. So you can find whatever is deemed lost online.

Use cache to access websites that are temporarily down

Google Cache is a temporal copy of the web page stored on the services of Google. The search engine keeps a copy of every indexed page if the original website is unavailable or if the content of its original page is changed and some data is lost. Google cache is also needed to access the information in case the web page is loading slowly or the website is blocked in your country. With Google cache, you can get access to the content of non-working websites.

How to View Cached Pages in Chrome Search

If you need to get to the website that is temporally down, click on a small green arrow next to the URL address in the Google search. Once you click on it, a pop-up window with the Cached hyperlink will appear on the screen. You can see not only cached pages but also a snapshot of the dates when they have been made. You can easily view older versions of web pages by typing the word ‘cache:’ before the URL of the web and clicking Enter. The system will redirect you to the cached pages through the Google cache URL.

 how to view google cache

Use a small green arrow next to the URL to see the cache

Google Chrome like any other browser creates user cache to store seldom-modified resources from the websites. It is needed to reduce traffic and boost loading of the web page. Browser cache includes temporary files, like images, sounds, flash elements, and others that can be located on the hard drive.

Each browser has its unique caching algorithm, locating the cache in its directory. If you use a Mac, then look for the Chrome cache in the hidden Library folder: ~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/

How to Clear Google Cache

You can`t control the server since Google stores them automatically, but the local cache is what you can and should clean. Cleaning local cache is critical if you want to download the current version of the website or clear up your disk space.

You can run cleaning from the browser. Open the browser, go to the Menu, then Files, and finally Clear Browsing Data. You can also do it by pressing simultaneously Ctrl + Shift + Delete. Mark temporary files you want to remove and click Clear Browsing Data.

delete google cache

You see, handling cache is easier than you might think. Just remember which combinations to click if you want to clear cache and which buttons to press if you want to view it.

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