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Need a Mac cleaner? Here’s how to choose one | Blog MacflyPro.com


Like all electronics, Macs become clogged over time and require maintenance. Usually, macOS handles this on its own, but in some cases, it requires user supervision and forced cleanup. The easiest way to do this is to use special tools. Using the best Mac apps is far faster and usually equally effective. There are both free mac cleaner and fee-paying ones, both with extremely simple functions and with slightly more advanced commands that can be used without any kind of problem (with the necessary precautions) by even the most inexperienced users.

What are you looking for in a Mac cleaner?

Following are a few of best Mac cleaner utilities to help you clean your computer efficiently. Bear in mind that there are both free and paid versions available, so take a look at them all before deciding on one to invest money into. While it may be tempting to go with the free versions, remember that companies need to generate revenue somehow to keep us interested in their software, which often means offering superior service! Paid versions often include useful features not available to the free ones as well as better customer support whenever you run into problems - they're small investments that can pay off big in the long run!

Listed below are some reasons why you might actually benefit from a Mac cleaner:

  • an app running on your Mac stores gigabytes of not needed or not used language data;
  • system cache files may be rebuilt periodically or automatically;
  • log files are in fact archived by system apps that will run automatically when the Macintosh starts up;
  • other data such as temporary data, backup data, videos, photos and previews also consume gigabytes of storage space;
  • junk mail attachments you have been keeping for years;
  • the laptop can become very slow and may malfunction once it runs out of disk space!

So, to physically delete these junk files, all one has to do is drag the useless files into the Trash. If there are apps that you no longer need on your device, the cleaning utilities can remove these apps. The best way to clear one's system of unwanted files would be using a cleaning software that maximizes the performance of your Mac.

Best Mac cleaners to free up space

One of these utilities can effectively free up disk space, clean up unwanted files or make it easy to find duplicate and large files. In our selection of cleanup software for Mac, we have chosen tools recognized for their editorial expertise, and which have not been detected as malicious by the Gatekeeper features in macOS and by scanning with Malwarebytes and BitDefender Antivirus for Mac.

Mac Cleaning Apps Main Features
MacFly Pro Easy-to-use yet powerful: scans your storage space and detects unused, big and duplicate files to effortlessly unclutter your disk space.
Combo Cleaner Combined antivirus and PC Optimizer. scans for adware, wipes disk, privacy scanner, large file finder.
Malwarebytes Blocks adware and unwanted programs before they hit your data, cleans your Mac.
CleanMyMac Cleans cache, large hidden files, unutilized apps, etc.; rebuilds Launch Services Database, reindexes Spotlight and Mail database.
Onyx Deletes all temporary files and web browsing traces, test the status of the hard disk and changes numerous system parameters.

As we all know, there are many different Mac cleaner software you can use to clean your Mac. However, not all of them are identical. You should carefully choose the one that meets your needs from a long-term perspective.

Mac cleaners to remove duplicates

Many users have probably experienced the problem of a large number of duplicate files. The duplicates take up a lot of space on the Mac SSD drive, slow down the installation of updates, and are confusing when searching for a particular file. In most cases, duplicates are an accidental occurrence, and many computer owners are unaware of their existence.

Luckily, there are tools like MacFly Pro that can help you quickly locate and remove unwanted duplicate files on your Mac. The application deeply scans your SSD drive not only for duplicate files, but also for similar files. For example, it can mark two similar images as duplicates even if the files are saved under different names. Once the application finds duplicates, you will have the option to review the files before deleting them. You can choose to delete files manually or automatically. Chances are you will find files you didn't even know existed. Only the files you choose to delete will be erased.

Mac cleaners that deal with malware

As you could see from our table with the software examples, there can be found a combo cleaner for mac which may be useful not only for cleaning your Apple device main memory, but also for scanning and deleting malware from it. Here is what such an utility can do, in a nutshell:

  • clean your Mac;
  • boost its speed;
  • keep viruses out;
  • manage installed apps for optimal usage!

Fraudsters are constantly inventing new ways to protect and penetrate. Currently, virus removal requires several operations, including clearing the register, deleting stored copies, undoing exposed tasks and so on. All these operations need to be performed each time an unwanted software is removed. You don't have to do it manually, as there is special virus removal software that will get rid of your virus problems quickly and efficiently while constantly scanning your Mac.

The “problematic” Mac cleaners

While we covered trustworthy solutions for cleaning your Mac above, there are also those that pose a hidden threat. Malwarebytes includes such tools in its list of unwanted applications.

Following are just several indicators that should alert you to the use of rogue Mac cleaners. Signs of fraudulent Mac cleaners:

  • Intrusive "Your Mac is infected" advertising message;
  • Application is installed as part of another application;
  • Application finds 1235 (number given as an example) threats on your PC;
  • Mac cleaner redirects your search engine page!

The Activity Monitor on Apple systems allows you to check the status of running programs. Because malware has a particular knack for hiding, getting rid of it is not as simple as uninstalling an app. To avoid such pitfalls, removal software should come from reliable sources.

Mac cleaners that visualize disk space

There are several options you can choose from to verify the disk space. First, you may check it manually through Finder:

1. launch Finder and then open in it a new window;

2. on the sidebar of the window select your Mac's hard drive and then one-click;

3. then, from the File menu choose Get Info;

4. Next, you'll be able to see the free space on the hard drive on the screen!

Another option that you can do to check the status of disk space availability is by using the Disk Utility app on your Mac OS device. Yet another option is to use app cleaner mac to monitor the available space. A Mac cleaner will automatically check the main memory of your Mac. Next, click "Review" to view the scan results. Select the items you wish to delete, hit the Clean button and check the confirmation to get more storage space.

Free Mac cleaner alternatives

AppCleaner is a small utility with only one screen, in which you can remove installed apps. AppCleaner is an application designed to help you manage your Mac. It has the ability to uninstall anything you might have on it providing an easy internet connection is available. Overall, this application does exactly what it promises too, but there are certain things lacking when compared to something like MacFly Pro which will provide many options in regards to uninstalling whatever you want with fewer click than AppCleaner would necessitate.

Disk Inventory X is among the best free mac cleaners out there. Having a clean and tidy disk system should be everyone's aim as it gives you a sense of order and also saves space on your machine. Disk Inventory X helps you reach these aims as it shows you precisely where all your hard drive space has been allocated and wasted during the time your Mac was used.

Onyx is a mac cleaner free solution designed by Titanium Software and occupies only a small amount of storage space (about 5 MB). But it weighs a lot when it comes to functionality. Programmers will certainly appreciate tinkering with the tool. For example, it allows you to automate tasks within your macOS computer. You can set tasks such as cache removal and disk cleaning.

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