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What Is Bloatware and How to Remove It from Your Mac?


delete mac bloatware

Bloatware is software that becomes unwieldy due to its numerous unnecessary or simply useless components. The term can also be applied to applications or programs that are pre-installed on a computer or mobile device. The main problem with bloatware is its big size and the excessive consumption of operating system resources, i.e., storage space and RAM. The more abstract issue with bloatware is that its functionality erodes because of plentiful meaningless features.

Don't get it wrong, we're not telling you that all application should be lightweight and mono-functional. Think, for instance, of graphics and video editing apps. They can weigh gigabytes, but at least you know they are well worth your RAM. Unlike such useful apps, bloatware is created for easy tasks, and the pity is most Mac owners do not need it.

Bloatware vs. adware vs. crapware

All three are useless, annoying stuff, you know. However, some difference exists. Let’s start with the worst option. Adware is the winner: this type of software displays irritating and even threatening ads, redirects a user to the particular advertising pages and gathers private information, which makes it more dangerous than you may think. In most cases, a Mac owner has no idea where it comes from as you usually do not install anything like that intentionally. The thing is, such type of junk could be attached to another software you did download.

A crapware is somewhat a synonym to bloatware. It stands for a software that is absurd. It also might be a low-quality app that totally does not meet user’s expectations.

Bloatware, generally, is an app 'inflated' with numerous useless features. When working with such software, users usually exploit one or two of its functions; dozens of other ones remain untouched. At that, bloatware occupies irrationally huge chunks of hard drive space and consumes unreasonably large amounts of memory. Hence, getting rid of bloatware is a significant element of keeping your system healthy, 'stress-free,' and clean.

How to remove bloatware?

Basically, one can utilize two approaches to eliminating bloatware:

  • Partial removal: erase components that you do not use but leave the ones you do exploit;
  • Full removal: uninstall the entire app with all related data.

The fast and furious way to apply both approaches individually or combined is MacFly Pro cleaning application.

application cleaning complete

Look at bloatware elements and types you can eliminate with MacFly Pro.

  • Language packs

Initially, many language packs are available on Apple computer. There are definitely more languages than any Mac owner will ever need. Thus, it makes no sense to keep all those language packages. Every language pack has a lot of associated files, and altogether, they take valuable hard drive space. These localization files are hiding from you in the Content Package folders of various installed applications.

language packs on mac

  • Unused and unwanted software

The unnecessary software includes the outdated apps, tools that a Mac owner never really needed, pre-installed apps, and bundled applications. The best way to deal with this type of bloatware is to remove such apps from your Mac completely. Luckily, that's what MacFly Pro does superbly.

The right way to entirely uninstall apps on a Mac

The primary thing to realize about uninstalling tools on Mac is the fact that moving them to Trash and emptying it afterward is not enough. Leftover data may remain in the system. It includes the annoying items that do not require too much space but can be used by the third-parties for marketing purposes. In the worst-case scenario, they might impact the way operating system functions.

The best way to get rid of any app along with all the associated files is to use the MacFly Pro's integrated uninstaller. It's located under the “Apps” label in the main menu.

delete bloatware with mfp tools

How can I remove pre-installed apps?

It is impossible to delete the built-in applications on some models of Mac. In some cases, only Terminal is able to solve this problem. Moreover, inexperienced users should not even think about getting rid of the default Apple’s software as the system may refuse to work properly without having some of those tools. If – after thoroughly weighing all circumstances – you want to take the risk and the responsibility, follow these instructions to make pre-installed apps' removal possible:

  • Launch the Applications folder.
  • Pick the software you would like to delete.
  • Right-click on the Get Info feature.
  • Push the lock icon in the bottom.
  • Type in your password if requested.
  • In Sharing and Permissions, modify the settings to Read & Write for everybody.

After that, you will be able to erase the pre-installed software in case you have admin rights on the computer.

How to get rid of bloatware altogether

Professional Mac cleaning and maintenance software is the fastest and simplest method to delete all bloatware on an Apple computer. MacFly Pro can eliminate unwanted applications, language packs, and other types of junk in just several clicks.

The app is built around the smart algorithm specially developed to detect the garbage you do not need any longer as well as uninstall applications along with their leftovers. You may set the app to perform auto-cleaning procedures regularly (e.g., weekly or monthly).

Measures to prevent Mac bloatware infection

  • Download and install third-party applications from the official App Store or developer’s website only.
  • If the software you need comes in a bundle, examine it carefully as crapware often hides there.
  • Search for checkboxes and additional conditions written in the small print when downloading or installing any app. If possible, uncheck them; if you can't do that, it's advisable to refrain from download/installation.
  • In case you need to click on some type of the agreement before the installation, make sure to study Terms & Conditions carefully before pressing “Agree.” Some developers add the crapware agreements, so it is the fault of the user who accepts them being inattentive. It is better to refuse the suspicious options.

By taking those simple measures and using MacFly Pro, you will let your Mac live a happy and healthy life without any bloatware and junk in general.

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