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What to do if the Mac camera is not working? Fix it quickly


Many people have suffered the situation when an important online meeting is coming and then the computer’s camera stops working for no apparent reason. Here they can show their frustration and ask themselves why my Mac camera is not working. However, if that happens to anybody reading this article, it is important to mention that there is no need to panic. Here some important solutions will be presented that will help users to troubleshoot the most common issues that might appear with Mac cameras. It is likely that practically any problem will be fixed with the information that is going to be presented below.

Make sure that there are no external obstructions on the camera

To begin solving the video not working on Mac issues this might seem quite obvious. However, for many people the most obvious things can be the ones that never come to their minds in the first place. Also, it might happen that a barely visible object might be covering the camera lens. Maybe, at first glance, it might seem that the camera is completely unobstructed, however, if users take a closer view, some surprises might appear.

This why isn't my camera working on my Mac kind of problem seems to affect mostly those who cover their camera when not using it due to privacy concerns. If, for example, the camera is still listed in the software that uses it, but everything that is visible is a black screen, then probably this is the exact problem that needs to be solved. On the other hand, if the computer doesn’t recognize the camera at all, then it is necessary to continue with the other solutions presented below.

Ensure the camera is connected to the computer

Another seemingly obvious solution for those who have external cameras rather than internal ones. However, this solution also involves making sure that the port where the device is connected is working in the first place. For this reason, if a camera connected to a certain port is not working, it is a good idea to connect another peripheral on said port and see if it is working. If this other peripheral being used for testing the port doesn’t work either, then it is likely that the problem is not with the camera itself, but with the port used to connect it to the computer.

Reset the Camera of the computer using Terminal

Sometimes there might be an application taking full control of the camera without us even realizing it. In these kinds of Macbook video not working situations, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the powerful features offered by an extremely useful tool of Mac computers like the terminal.

The terminal has a function that, in basic terms, kills all the applications that are using or attempting to connect to the camera. In order to execute this procedure it is necessary to open a terminal window and enter the command "sudo killall VDCAssistant". After that, it is necessary to press enter, insert the password and that's it.

Reboot the computer into Safe Mode

For those who might not know, safe mode is when the system boots with the bare minimum resources to work. This applies to practically any operating system currently in existence. This method can be quite useful when the Macbook webcam not working.

In order to boot the device into safe mode it is recommended to undertake the following procedure:

● restart the Mac;

● while booting again, press and hold the Left Shift button;

● if the procedure was made properly, a Safe Mode logo will be displayed in the login menu!

The idea of booting into safe mode in this kind of situation is as follows. Considering that safe mode starts the bare minimum apps required for the system to work, users should try the camera there. If it works, then the issue is with a third-party software. If the Macbook Pro no camera available issue still persists, it might be a hardware issue.

Make sure the Internet connection is working properly

When having a vídeo chat, sometimes it might happen that the connection is slow or unstable. Most video call programs will sacrifice the camera when the connection is running tight. Therefore, if Facetime camera not working on Mac, make sure that the network connection is stable enough in order to sustain a constant video stream.

Close any application that might be using the camera

On most occasions, only one application will be able to access the camera at any one moment. When the camera has been taken by an app, it will look busy to the others. However, in some instances, finding a program that might be using the camera is easier said than done. Still, this method can help to answer the why is my Mac camera not working question.

If the program using it is not so apparent, it is still possible to find it. The Activity monitor can be very useful in this case. It lists all the tasks being run by the machine. Therefore, maybe users themselves might see in this list of tasks what is the program creating problems with the camera.

Reset the SMS or System Management Controller

While some may consider this approach to be too complex and beyond their capabilities, it is really a fairly easy procedure to implement. Anybody wondering why is my camera not working on my Mac could try this procedure.

The System Management Controller, commonly known as SMC, is a machine component that manages some basic operations. The keyboard is included in some of them. As a result, on rare occasions, this SMC may be to blame for the camera not working on a Macbook Pro. Before going into depth about this process, it's important to note that there are two versions of it.

To be more specific, certain computers may contain a T2 security chip while others may not, and the processes will differ somewhat in each instance. In any case, though, it is still very easy. The table below will help users ensure that this process to fix their camera is done properly, regardless of whether or not they have the T2 security chip.

Process for Mac Computers with the T2 Chip Process for Mac Computers without the T2 Chip

Power off the machine

Power off the machine

Press and hold the Left Control, Opt and Right Shift keys

Press and hold the Left Control, Opt and Right Shift keys

While keeping these keys pressed, press the power button

While keeping these keys pressed, press the power button

Continue pressing these keys for approximately seven seconds, then release them

Continue pressing these keys for approximately seven seconds, then release them

Wait a few seconds and turn on the computer

Wait a few seconds and turn on the computer

It should be noted that the System Management Controller is not used by all Mac devices. These devices have various methods for resetting their cameras if they are giving them problems. Hopefully, a solution of the many Macbook Air camera not working kinds of issues presented here will be able to help those in need with their cameras.

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