Frequently Asked Questions

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Download and Installation

Click here to download your MacFly Pro and follow all the installer steps.
Open your Downloads folder, find the file called ‘Macflypro.pkg’, and click on it to start the installation.
To check for MacFly Pro updates, launch the app, go to the top menu bar, and hit MacFly Pro tab. From the drop-down menu, select Check for Updates section. If there’s any update available, you’ll be suggested to install it.

System Requirements

MacFly Pro is compatible with version 10.10 of OS X Yosemite. It means that MacFly Pro is also compatible with all updates coming afterward (OS X El Capitan, Mac OS Sierra, and Mac OS High Sierra). To check your MacOS version, hit Apple icon in the menu bar in the top left corner and choose “About this Mac” tab from the popup window. You`ll see all the info about your MacOS in this section.
Storage Optimization works well, but equipped with both Apple’s Storage Optimization and MacFly Pro, you get maximum free space and keep every inch of your Mac’s system clean and optimized. Besides, while Storage Optimization works with system applications, MacFly Pro takes care of the whole Mac.
Of course. MacFly Pro is fully compatible with macOS High Sierra.

About MacFly Pro

MacFly Pro is a utility application designed to improve the performance of Mac computers. Its smart assistant helps users optimize the work of their Macs, clean up cache, and find and delete duplicates and useless system-generated files.
You don`t have to scan your Mac manually since MacFly Pro regularly monitors your Mac`s condition. Once the amount of junk files or other issues hinder the performance of your computer, you will receive a notification. Nonetheless, manual scan option is available in Tools Tab of MacFly Pro.
The amount of freed space will depend on your habits and the condition of your Mac`s system. You can check the total amount of removed junk in history that becomes available after cleaning. If you have bought any subscription plan, you can remove unlimited volumes of junk.
MacFly Pro is very easy to use. Thanks to a well-designed navigation and user-friendly design, the app fits everyone, from tech experts to non-tech-savvy users that don’t know how to clear cache on their Macs.
MacFly Pro is a completely safe application which can optimize your Mac without changing your everyday routine. It is safe to remove files marked as ‘Junk’ since they contain technical configurations, the user history, or system actions which are worthless to your Mac. The system is constantly creating junk files, and over time, they will take up a considerable amount of Mac space. With MacFly Pro, you can also remove duplicates, keeping only original files, uninstall damaged applications with no leftovers, and control your RAM usage.
If you have any questions or need help with installation, feel free to contact us via Our team of tech experts will gladly assist you.