Finding a perfect computer to suit your needs is challenging on its own. However, it’s almost as big of a dare to snag a functional and safe cleaning application that’ll help keep your system going like clockwork. To take it down a notch, here is some advice that will guide you to making the right choice.

What is a Safe Mac Cleaner? Possible Adverse Effects

When it comes to cleaning apps, there are plenty of options to choose from. You are indeed faced with a rich variety of applications — from cache cleaning tools to free do-it-all utilities, and everything in between.

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A majority of these applications offers similar functionality in different design. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of finding the safest Mac cleaning app out there. What you can do is differentiate between superstition and actual risk, as well as learn how to use cleaning apps to your advantage without undermining the safety of your files.

Is Mac Cleaner a Scam?

It goes without saying that cleaning tools for Mac raise a lot of controversy and discussion online. Most of these are fueled by tech savvy communities composed of people that possess sufficient time and needed skill to do the majority of cleaning manually. Therefore, some users with tech background consider Mac cleaner apps to have no use. Occasionally, you will notice cleaning apps being called ‘scam’ too.

But are you getting scammed if you use a Mac cleaner? Scam is essentially a fraud. In the context of Mac cleaning it could mean that you are not getting the result that has been promised. Pick carefully. Also, you have to understand, that a cleaning app won’t supernaturally add performance to your computer. It just doesn’t work that way. What it will do however (e.g. see MacFly Pro screenshot), is help clean out the unnecessary files so your Mac can channel its performance on the tasks that matter.

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If you are looking to save time cleaning out and optimizing your computer using an intuitive app interface, then cleaning utilities are the way to go.

Do I Risk Losing My Files?

That is another question that seems to come up when Mac cleaning is mentioned. While this may indeed be the case with poorly put together applications, this is exactly what you should lookout for when choosing a cleaner.

Scan results in any maintenance application are sorted out based on the app’s database. Developer’s research, level of expertise in managing various Mac issues, and the amount of work put into keeping the database up to date will determine the safety of the application. Ultimately, a database lies at heart of every cleaning application and instructs the app what should or shouldn’t be considered important. The best way to determine the accuracy and reliability of an application is by taking advantage of free trial and doing your own research. Top Mac cleaning applications usually are praised for a reason and often shouldn’t raise any concerns. Research is an absolute must if you are considering an “underdog” application which, for example, comes with an appealing price tag.

Choosing Safe Mac Cleaning Software

After addressing the concerns mentioned above, you will still be left with an extensive list of apps to choose from. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a cleaning app:

#1 Efficiency

Besides the safe and secure factor, the app you are going to rely on to maintain your Mac clean needs to be efficient. This simply means that you want the cleaner to be good at its job — cleaning.

It’s important to understand that efficiency does not just mean fancy numbers. What you are looking for are believable numbers that can be easily broken down. Ideally, you want your app to explain what exactly you are about to remove from your computer.

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This brings us to the second point.

#2 Transparency

Whether you are an experienced Mac user who wants to cut down on the Mac cleanup time, or a rookie who is just getting used to the new platform — you want your cleaning utility to be transparent. You want to know what is being considered “junk” or a “duplicate” on your Mac at any given time. Say, you keep some backup files organized on your computer by date and month. Naturally, you might run into files with the same name in different folders. Those are not duplicates and it’s essential to be able to manage scan results from within the app to prevent a loss of important data.

#3 Subtlety

Your trusted system maintenance app needs to be well optimized. There is no way you are going to want your Mac bogged down because the app is running another scheduled scan or something. Nonsense!

#4 Price vs Features

Putting the price at number 4 does not change the obvious importance of the app being reasonably priced. It goes without saying and really should not even be on the list.

However, what good pricing should do is strike a balance between the number on the price tag and features provided. With that said, always opt for a trial first and test out the toolkit featured by the app. You will quickly discover that some applications provide over 15 utilities, but in reality, what you’ll use is 3 to 5.

#5 Aesthetics

Apple computers have never been about raw hardware power. It’s a premium product that combines polished software, top-tier hardware, and doesn’t compromise on design. Attention to detail reflects in all of Apple’s design aesthetics including macOS apps. The bar is set high for third-party developers as well. If you can’t seem to choose between a few options — pick what appeals by design.

To draw the line, safety and security in Mac cleaning ultimately comes down to a wise approach and use of applications. Stray away from applications that give empty promises of massively boosting performance, instead do a quick research and run an app by your checklist to see if it’s the one to fit your needs.