How to Improve Browsing Using an Internet Cleaner

Researching, shopping, social networking, entertainment – there are tons of things the internet is used for on the daily. In fact, most of the time spent on the computer is typically spent on the internet. The connection is usually expected to be fast and stable which allows for a seamless browsing experience. Yet browsing is not always buttery smooth.

Why Is My Mac Browser So Slow?

When it comes to browser performance, most expect nothing short of lightning-fast response and supersonic webpage loading times. And while minimal lag can be tolerated, significant slowdowns are downright frustrating. Imagine having to wait over 30 seconds every time you try to do something on the internet – things running this slow immediately suck the fun out of browsing!

Reasons? You may be facing these stutters due to internet connection issues, corrupted cache, or lack of RAM with tons of tabs opened. Each of these individual browser performance problems can be fixed and stability of internet speed restored.

To check up on your internet connection you can run an online speed test. If the internet connection proves to be slow, try reconnecting to the network or rebooting the router and make sure your device is within acceptable distance from the router.

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It also makes sense to keep an eye on the number of tabs opened if your browser is slowing down. Each opened tab takes up memory to display a webpage and your browser, or even entire computer, can slow down when you are approaching the limits.

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When you are running into difficulties with webpages that used to work just fine, it is highly likely that you’re looking at cache problems here. Erasing old cache will allow your browser to rebuild the new, recent ones and solve the issue. This can be done manually through browser settings or using a cleaning app.

What Can Web Browser Cleaners Do?

Right off the bat, you have to know that all of cleanup can be done from within the browser preferences which means that specific cleaners are not required.

Mac cleaning utilities, however, are applications that can do much more than just clean your browser. Their capabilities stretch from finding duplicates to removing unneeded localizations, locating old apps & unused files, and even cleaning out browser cache, cookies, history, extensions.

Generally speaking, you will find everything on how to make more storage and optimize your Mac. It does make managing your Apple computer easier. How does that impact your browsing you may ask?

Obviously, removing duplicates won’t help your browsing, however, having a tool that can clean your browser in its entirety as well as computer is pretty handy. It works wonders if you happen to use multiple browsers on the same device.

How to Choose a Browser Cleaner for Mac?

Settling in for a new app is often a tiresome journey. It takes time to get into it, figure out if that’s what you need and if you are going to use it at all. Picking up a browser cleaner is hardly different. Ultimately, you’ll be facing the choice between free-yet-basic applications and paid software full of tools to optimize your Mac.

Let’s take a step back to take a look at your browser, before we dive into cleaning software features. In brief, your browser saves the following data:

  • Cache is the information about a webpage and content that it displays that is locally saved on your computer for quick access. It allows to load cached webpages faster, but can get outdated or corrupted.
  • Cookies are tiny pieces of data that were designed to help your browser remember stateful information. That is your login information, shopping cart items, passwords etc. It requires your permission to be stored.
  • History is rather self-explanatory. It is a list of visited webpages recorded by the browser.

Every major browser now features their own extensions library as well. Extensions are small browser add-on applications that provide additional functionality. They work only within the browser.

So it’s safe to say, that there are four areas where your browser can use a cleanup. While erasing cookies and history is usually done for security reasons, extensions and caches are managed to retain performance.

First and foremost, you want your optimization software to provide sufficient tools to deal with either. Second, put the choice of what exactly to clear out on your preferences list. After all, you will be resetting your caches more frequently than, say, cookies. Finally, consider browser support. Having all major browsers support is always a bonus.

On the final note, systematically cleaning out temporary data accumulated by your browser will help optimize internet browsing speed. Erase and rebuild caches, uninstall redundant extensions, and control your privacy manually or using dedicated applications.

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