How to Delete History on Mac Chrome, Safari, and Other Browsers

Hardly anything is more personal about internet than your browsing history. Regardless of which browser you’re using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer — your history is something you want to remain private and have full control over. It just so happens that sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, you click on websites you don’t want to show up in your browsing history. Here is how you can get rid of these records.

How to Delete Browsing History on Mac

First and foremost, treat yourself to a little lifehack called private aka incognito internet browsing. When about to browse the sites you want off the books, simply hit Shift-Command-N in Safari or Chrome (Shift-Command-P for Firefox) to open a new private window. All websites accessed in incognito mode will not be recorded to your browser history, therefore, there will be no need to erase or clear the info afterwards. You’re welcome.

If, however, you already have unwanted history it can be easily deleted from your browser’s records. In short, you’ll have to jump into settings and locate history and temporary data sections. Depending on the browser you’re using, the location of history settings may vary.

How to Clear Safari History on Mac

clear history safari
  • Open and select Safari browser
  • In the menu bar click on History and then Clear History at the very bottom of the list
  • Select the time range and click Clear History to delete Safari browsing history

Note: Clearing history will also delete related website cookies and data.

How to Clear Chrome History on Mac

delete browsing history chrome
  • Open and select Google Chrome browser
  • Hold Shift-Command-Delete to immediately access Clear browsing data settings
  • Check the box next to Browsing history and hit Clear Data

To delete history entries one by one, follow these steps:

  • Open and select Chrome
  • In the menu bar click on History and then Show Full History (hold Command-Y for quick access)
  • Check the boxes next to browsing history records you want to remove and hit Delete

How to Clear Firefox History

clear recent history firefox
  • Open and select Mozilla Firefox browser
  • In the menu bar click on History and then Clear Recent History (hold Shift-Command-Delete to quickly access the settings)
  • Check the Browsing & Download History box and select the time range
  • Pick other types of temporary data you want to remove and hit Clear Now

You can also configure Firefox to automatically clear your history after you quit the browser. In order to do that:

  • Open and select Firefox
  • Click on Firefox in the menu bar and choose Preferences (hold Command-, keyboard shortcut to access the menu quickly)
  • Switch to Privacy & Security tab and locate History section
  • Check the box next to Clear history when Firefox closes

How to Clear History in Opera

clear browsing data opera
  • Open and select Opera browser
  • In the menu bar click on History and then Show All History (hold Shift-Command-H to quickly access the settings)
  • Delete entries one by one or click Clear Browsing Data to remove all history in a fixed time range

How to Delete History on Internet Explorer

Mostly achieved through the use of virtual machine, Internet Explorer is a rare find on a Mac. If you happen to be Internet Explorer, here is how you can clear your browsing history:

  • Open and select Internet Explorer browser
  • Click the Gear Icon to access Tools and select Internet options at the bottom
  • In the General tab hit Delete under Browsing history section
  • Optional: You can enable Delete browsing history on exit by checking the corresponding box. This way IE will be automatically clearing out the history when you close the browser.
  • Check the box next to History and other data you want to erase
  • Hit Delete to confirm and remove browsing history

On a Final Note

Browsing history is an essential feature that plays out a huge part in making browsing an overall better experience. Yet search history is something you want to keep private. One way of securing that privacy is through managing your history. Keep these tips at hand to successfully rule over your history on Mac’s most popular browsers.

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