MacFly Pro Refund Policy

We offer a 30-days money back refund period ("Refund Period") that starts on the date of MacFly Pro Software purchase and expires on the last day of the Refund Period. We will not grant any refund requests received after the expiration of the Refund Period. The exceptions are the transactions that are subject to fraudulent purchase.

If you are not satisfied with MacFly Pro software, please fill in the refund request form to get a refund. Your refund request will be processed within 3 (three) business days. The subscription (purchase) price (excluding any charges) will be sent via your original payment method within 5-10 (five-ten) business days from the date of your refund claim.

In case your request is issued, you have to cease using MacFly Pro and services and destroy all copies of the Software. Upon issuing a refund request, MacFly Pro has a right to disable all product keys for the refunded software.

We do not refund the difference between the price you have been charged and price reduction during sales events (discounts, promo codes, etc.). We do not give refunds on subscription renewals. Please note that purchases made via retail stores like Amazon or via App Store are subject to their refund policies.

Refund Request Form