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Top Utility Applications and Mac Cleaners Reviews

Take advice in reviews of the top cleanup applications to find the perfect utility for
your Mac. Learn how to completely uninstall an old app and pick up a new one.

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Requires MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later

Find Best Mac Apps for System Cleanup

Thorough research of cleaning and utility apps market made it possible to distinguish the top maintenance software available for Apple computers. To make the hard choice easier, you can find a review on each of the apps from the perspective of a seasoned macOS user. Besides the benefits to system maintenance for Mac that will get your slow Apple machine running buttery smooth again, part of the review is dedicated to the process of manual utility uninstallation. Following the guides inside will help you securely remove notoriously problematic cleaning apps and simplify the transition to the new application.

The reviews will also give you a general perspective on the main system cleaning features and additional utilities as well as how the app stacks up against competition. You will also discover which of the apps offer best features for the price and which provide free trials. No matter what OS X version your Mac is running — there is always an app to clean it up.


Mac Cleaners & Utility Software Reviews