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Advanced Mac Cleaner Review: How Advanced Is the Cleaning?

What Is Advanced Mac Cleaner?

Advanced Mac Cleaner is an optimization software designed specifically to keep your Mac OS X as error-free as possible. The app helps get rid of suspicious or non-functioning software, organize and manage apps, clear your online search history to help maintain privacy, and even remove duplicate files. Using three fundamental tools, Advanced Mac Cleaner aims to easily clean your Mac, speed up your machine, and enhance your experience.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Features

Advanced Mac Cleaner has a variety of robust features and tools that allow it to do its job. Those include managing apps, deleting online search history, and selecting which apps startup when you turn on your Mac. The app also helps you by recovering hard drive space, deleting unnecessary data, and tracking where data is stored. Finally, you’ll appreciate its ability to help you locate and delete accidentally and inadvertently duplicated files.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Pros

After first using Advanced Mac Cleaner, Mac users swiftly get a hang of key features. Its pros also include:

Advanced Mac Cleaner Cons

While its paid version is hearty and provides a full range of services, Advanced Mac Cleaner’s free version only scans your system. The following cons have also been reported:

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How to Use the Advanced Mac Cleaner App

To use Advanced Mac Cleaner to remove unwanted items from you Macbook or desktop computer, simply follow the steps outlined below:

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To use the app to get rid of duplicate files, follow these steps:

To use the Advanced Mac Cleaner app to clear your Internet browsing history, follow these steps:

clean internet history

Advanced Mac Cleaner Pricing

Somewhat steep at $39.95 for its initial six months of use, Advanced Mac Cleaner comes with a 60-day, satisfaction promise, and money back guarantee. After your initial six-month subscription, you’ll continue to pay a recurring subscription fee of $19.97 every 6 months from that point until you cancel.

The developers do offer a free version. The free version, though, has limited, scan-only capabilities, and does not remove any of the scanned files from your Mac.

How to Uninstall Advanced Mac Cleaner

Advanced Mac Cleaner leaves behind a ton of files, which makes the process of fully removing the app from you system a truly frustrating experience:

login items advancedmaccleaner

By following these steps, you will be able to remove Advanced Mac Cleaner.

Is Advanced Mac Cleaner Safe?

Many Mac users report that the software is a form of malware that pops up on their Macs when they are sure they haven’t downloaded it. It might seem to be legit software with a six-month-at-a-time subscription fee, but you can find many other apps on the market that do the same thing at no cost. Additionally, it also issues many annoying popup messages disguised as warnings that prompt you to download and use it.

Bottom Line

The non-existent customer service and hefty price tag leave a lot to be desired. Advanced Mac Cleaner is not as advanced as its name would have you believe. While it is relatively user friendly, it uses many of the tools and resources that are already installed on your Mac. An overall complicated uninstallation process and lack of any benefits in the trial version make it extremely difficult to recommend.

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