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AppCleaner Review – Uninstalling Done Right

What Is AppCleaner?

While the Mac OS X makes it easy to install apps and easy to discard them, simply moving apps to Trash bin doesn’t always provide the clean slate you need. AppCleaner for Mac is as close as you can get to a one-step solution that does more than toss unused apps in the Trash. Indeed, it deletes the files and data associated with the app in a total clean sweep. Just trashing still leaves a digital footprint of the app in the form of various support files on scattered all over your Mac.

AppCleaner Features

Unlike most cleaning utilities, AppCleaner doesn’t focus on detecting malware, malfunctioning apps or software, and no-longer-needed downloads. Its main priority is uninstalling an app along with all of its associated files. AppCleaner lets you choose any specific app, locate all supporting data that is currently on your computer, and then remove it all with a single sweep.

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AppCleaner Pros

AppCleaner offers easy-to-use, familiar to Mac users drag-and-drop approach to deleting apps along with these other important features:

AppCleaner Cons

AppCleaner is user friendly, clear-cut, and uncomplicated app with little to no downsides. However, it could still use a few quality-of-life tweaks. One of them would be an inclusion of “Select All” button when selecting the associated files.

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By default, AppCleaner seems to uncheck the boxes next to the files located within the /var/ folder. It leaves the choice up to the user, yet you then have to select every folder manually, which is a minor inconvenience.

Also, AppCleaner will not locate leftover associated files from the apps that you have previously removed. Bummer.

Two Ways to Uninstall Using the AppCleaner App

There are two ways AppCleaner works its magic to help clean up your Mac.

  1. Drag unwanted apps to the AppCleaner window
  2. Select apps you want to remove from the list view
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How to Delete an App Using AppCleaner

After following these simple steps, the app you’ve selected, and its supporting data are deleted.

AppCleaner Pricing

While you’d expect to pay a premium price for this hearty, robust app, it carries everyone’s favorite price tag $0.00. Yep! It’s free.

How to Uninstall Mac App Cleaner

If you decide the AppCleaner app isn’t for you, or if you’re just finished using it, you can manually delete it by following these steps:

  1. Quit the AppCleaner
  2. Go to the AppCleaner location (it varies depending on where you’ve unzipped the initial archieve)
  3. Drag the to Trash

Next, open Finder, press Shift+Command+G, copy and paste the directory ~/Library/Saved Application State, remove net.freemacsoft.AppCleaner.savedState folder. Continue by going to ~/Library/Preferences and moving the net.freemacsoft.AppCleaner.plist to Trash.

Is AppCleaner Safe?

AppCleaner for Mac is a great way to get rid of apps and software you no longer want, need, or use. It goes the extra mile by deleting the app itself, then freeing your Mac from lingering files and data associated with those components. It’s missing a few desirable features like locating leftover files of already deleted apps, yet it still holds its own by being simple, effective, and, of course, free.

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