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AVG Mac Cleaner for Mac: Deciphering The Highs and Lows

Whether for work or for play, a safe, secure, speedy laptop is a must-have. The best way to ensure smooth, efficient functionality is to keep your Mac running at its optimal performance level. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, AVG Mac Cleaner is a tool for finding cumbersome duplicate and unwanted files, and getting rid of them quickly and easily. It’s an ideal way to eliminate hidden data and reclaim disk space for new images, audio files, video files, and apps. AVG Cleaner is a user friendly, fast and easy, hard drive cleaning solution. It identifies any hidden clutter that may have accumulated on your Mac and may be slowing down its performance. The best part? It cleans your Mac of those unwanted files with a single click.

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AVG Mac Cleaner’s Features

AVG cleaner is a fairly basic free cleaning tool for your Mac. Considering that there is no price charged for the app, expectations for the features should not be high. AVG focuses on cleaning out logs and caches as well as some temporary data. An additional welcomed feature, which is rare for a free app, is duplicate cleaner. It does a decent job at locating file duplicates and even recognizes Photos dupes.

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AVG Mac Cleaner’s Pros

AVG Mac Cleaner’s Cons

Using AVG Mac Cleaner

After using AVG for a few weeks you really start understanding what the app was made for. It’s not one of those tools that you will often use to stay on top of your Mac’s work. AVG is much rather that app, which you launch once every couple month to clean out old caches, logs and some temporary files. Despite being free, the functionality it offers is limited. It serves its purpose by shortcutting your cleaning routine. Keep your eyes peeled, however, as AVG considers Downloads folder as junk and will push you to cleaning it if you are not paying attention.

And for those of you looking for malware protection and asking “is AVG a virus cleaner?” – sorry to disappoint, but it’s not. AVG, however, offers a separate AntiVirus app.

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AVG Mac Cleaner’s Pricing

The AVG Mac Cleaner utility software is available as a free download from the Mac App Store. Being free and providing core cleaning tools, AVG is a great option for someone who’s looking for a basic app.

AVG Uninstaller for AVG Cleaner

When trying to figure out how to completely uninstall AVG software online you will occasionally stumble upon the info that all uninstallation is done through dedicated Uninstaller utility. While AVG provides a separate tool on their website for this purpose, it is only true for Windows users. Complete removal of AVG Cleaner app on Mac is done differently.

Finally, don’t make the error of forgetting to empty your Trash to completely eliminate the AVG Mac Cleaner software from your system. Restart your machine to complete the purging of the Trash and the removal of the AVG utility tool, and you’re all set.

Is AVG Safe?

In this day and age of malware, spyware, and other malicious software and apps, you might wonder if AVG Mac Cleaner is safe for your Mac. This drive tidying utility runs on OS X 10.8 or higher and is considered safe and effective as a cleanup tool that easily removes hidden clutter and helps speed up your system.

The Bottom Line

Because Macs are typically the computer of choice for creatives, like Gamers and Graphic designers, they tend to be loaded with files, folders, images, ideas, downloads, etc. An overload of files and folders can potentially lead to sluggish systems and system failures. Is AVG a virus, malware, or unsafe? No! The AVG Mac Cleaner tool was created by a respected, software provider and helps you quickly and easily clear unnecessary clutter and gain access to more space on your Mac’s hard drive. This free app can be downloaded from the AppStore of from their own website. It’s a simple solution – developed specifically for Mac users – that automatically deletes different types of junk and duplicate files from your hard drive.

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