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DaisyDisk Review: Analyzing The Focus and Features

DaisyDisk is a focused software program that uses free, open source coding. Unlike multifunctional programs, DaisyDisk concentrates on a primary focus – analyzing disk space – and doing it well. It gets its name from the color-coded sunburst diagram it displays that resembles the petals on a daisy. A single license key can be used to download the software onto an unlimited number of personal Macs, while commercial use requires a purchase for each Mac. The current version of DaisyDisk requires OS X Yosemite or later, but licenses are available for Macs running earlier versions. DaisyDisk is a disk space analyzer, chosen by Apple as a Mac App Store 'essential.' It features a cleaner, user friendly, interactive interface that allows you to visualize your Mac's hard drive, choose which files and folders are essential, and delete the ones that are taking up needed space on your hard drive.

DaisyDisk’s Most Notable Features

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DaisyDisk’s Pros

DaisyDisk’s Cons

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How to Use DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk is wildly popular for its singularly simple interface. It lets you view large files and makes them easy to identify and delete. Here’s how it works:

Daisy Disk App Pricing

The DaisyDisk app is available from the iTunes store, the Mac App Store, or from its own website for just $9.99 for new customers. For existing customers, the upgrade to DaisyDisk 4 is free. You can also download a free trial version. The trial version has limited capabilities, but after unlocking the full version with a key, it gives you access to beneficial features like, freedom from registration reminders, access to its app deletion features, and personal email support.

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How to Uninstall DaisyDisk

Most software and apps installed on your Mac are easy to remove by simply dragging them to the Trash. That’s the fastest way to remove DaisyDisk cleaner app as well. Once you’ve deleted all unwanted and unnecessary files from your computer, you may want the alternative to completely delete the DaisyDisk app and its supporting files. Here’s how to do that:

Empty the Trash and restart your computer to permanently delete the DaisyDisk, and you’re all done.

The Bottom Line

Discover what’s hidden on your hard drive with the DaisyDisk’s incredible disk cleaning capabilities. By offering a clear visual rundown and itemization of your disk space via an interactive map, it identifies the major space guzzlers, and removes them using drag and drop technology and a simple interface. Also, DaisyDisk is an easy-to-use utility tool that helps you analyze the disk usage on your Mac. It scans drives quickly and eats up less memory during its use. This simple, handy tool is easy enough for less tech-savvy Mac users to implement, yet robust enough to get the job done for experienced Mac pros. Users love its ability to visualize the Mac’s hard drive, making it readily decipherable and creating a beautiful interface. It’s scan quickly and presents crystal clear results. However, if you are looking for an app capable of more than just cleaning your drive, then DaisyDisk is unlikely to fit your needs.

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