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Dr. Cleaner for Mac Review: Good Enough to Care for Your Mac?

What Is the Dr. Cleaner App?

Dr. Cleaner is an all-in-one memory optimization app that aspires to help your Mac function at its best. It offers disk cleaning, system monitoring, and help uninstalling no-longer-needed apps and software. Dr. Cleaner scans big files, cleans junk, and removes duplicate files.

Dr. Cleaner Features

Dr. Cleaner is an undemanding utility app that doesn’t take up a lot of room on your system. It approaches optimization of storage and RAM with the help of following features:

  • • Deletes unwanted files on your Mac
  • • Displays your available memory
  • • Displays CPU and Network usage monitors
  • • Locates duplicate file copies (Pro version only)
  • • Help manage installed applications (Pro version only)
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Dr. Cleaner Pros

Aside from its basic ability to clean up your Mac from junk files (caches, logs, etc), Dr. Cleaner has a few more things going for it:

  • • Comes with a polished, fluid interface
  • • Core features are available for use with a free version of the app
  • • Conveniently displays folders contents in pie charts
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Dr. Cleaner Cons

Despite all the praise and immaculate 5-star App Store rating, Dr. Cleaner falls short of expectations:

  • • Takes a few extra steps to get to the main app: opening the app brings up monitors windows, where you have to click System Optimizer to get to the main app.
  • • Groups 10 to 500 MBs files within the same “big files” group
  • • Provides poor selection of tools in a free package
  • • Duplicate Files & App Manager features come in Pro package. Unarchiver and Antivirus come as standalone apps only

How to Use the Dr. Cleaner App

Here is how to get started on using Dr. Cleaner to clean up your computer:

  • • Open Dr. Cleaner on your Mac
  • • Select System Optimizer in the bottom right corner to start the main app
  • • Choose one of the tools from the side menu
    • o Junk Files
    • o Big Files
    • o Duplicate Files
    • o App Manager
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Likely to be one of the chief reasons you downloaded the Dr. Cleaner app, cleaning up Junk Files is one of it’s most valuable and practically the only ones available for free functions for you to use. Junk files helps clean out caches, logs, temporary files, leftovers, etc. Click the Scan button and wait for Dr. Cleaner to locate redundant files on your Mac.

Select the files you want to delete and hit Remove.

Equally as important as deleting junk files is removing duplicate files and unused apps. Unfortunately, these features are not available in the free version of Dr. Cleaner and require an upgrade to Pro to be used.

Dr. Cleaner Pricing

Dr. Cleaner is a free download available in the iTunes App Store. Although it’s free to download and use, there are only a handful of features that you can make real use of. The Pro version of the app with cost you $14.99 and delivers two additional features.

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Is Dr. Cleaner Safe?

In the age of malicious malware and seemingly innocent downloads that offer no functionality, or even worse, pack a nasty punch, users might have some concerns about downloading Dr. Cleaner. You can lay those concerns to rest, as Dr. Cleaner, despite not having a rich selection of features, removes unwanted files with surgical accuracy. When testing out the app, no system files were harmed or user files lost.

How to Uninstall Dr. Cleaner

If you are looking to delete Dr. Cleaner manually you will have to take the following steps:

  • • Start by open Finder>Applications and moving the main Dr. Cleaner.app to Trash
  • • In Finder press Shift+Command+G and first go to the ~/Library/Application Scripts folder; remove all TrendMicro associated folders:
    • o com.trendmicro.ATLoginItemHelper
    • o com.trendmicro.DrAirSupport-DrCleaner
    • o com.trendmicro.DrCleaner
  • • Follow up by opening the ~/Library/Containers directory and deleting addition supporting files here:
    • o com.trendmicro.ATLoginItemHelper
    • o com.trendmicro.DrAirSupport-DrCleaner
    • o com.trendmicro.DrCleaner
  • • Finally, removing com.trendmicro.DrCleaner.plist preference file by accessing it in the ~/Library/Preferences folder

Move to Trash all of the files and folders mentioned above. Right click the Trash bin and select Empty Trash to fully remove Dr. Cleaner app from your Mac.

Bottom Line

Mac desktop and Macbook owners running OS X 10.10 or higher who are looking for a free simple way of cleaning temporary files, caches and logs from their computer will enjoy this app. Yet if you are the type of person who needs a more through cleanup app, that is not burdened with unavailable functionality and capable of running deeper system maintenance, then you’ll have to pass on this one.

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