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Drive Genius Mac: Comprehensive Tool for Cleaning and Protection

There are quite a lot of mac cleaning tools out there at the moment. The competition is big, and almost every software developer tries to add more unique features to their app or combine different kinds of tools to make their product more comprehensive. Drive Genius 5 also combines two big types of tools for a safe and fast Mac work – it offers both cleaning set of tools and protection from malware and viruses.

Prosoft Drive Genius – The Cleaning Part

In all, if you download Drive Genius 5 (or upgrade from earlier versions), you can explore through 3 Modules – Protect, Speed Up and Clean Up. We’ll talk about the Protect one a bit later; for now, let’s focus on the cleaning and speeding parts.

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The Speed Up module offers you two features:

The Clean Up module has 8 different tools to try. Here is a short sum up on each of them.

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Drive Genius for Mac – The Protecting Part

Macs have always had the reputation of well secured devices that do not need any additional antivirus programs. However, such programs (free or paid) for OSX do exist and people do install them. It is not surprising, as you can only be amazed by the skills of modern hackers and the number of nowadays scams and viruses that potentially can affect Macs, too.

The fact that there have been a considerable amount of viruses and security issues only tells us that some kind of protection wouldn’t hurt. The last security flaw stroke not long ago, with the update to High Sierra. Maybe you didn’t notice it, as Apple was fast to fix it, but for some time, anyone could log in to your system without any passwords.

Drive Genius 5 claims to protect you from all the possible issues. By exploring the Protect module, you can see what features it offers.

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The Pricing

The program offers a free demo. The download link is provided by email with a unique demo key. With the demo up and running you can test out available features for up to 30 days. Drive Genius 5 app is not free and requires a one-time payment. There are three plans you can choose from.

How to Uninstall Drive Genius

There are quite a lot of inquiries on Mac forums from people who have problems uninstalling Drive Genius. If you decide to remove this app, too, here are your options.

First option is to do it manually. First of all, stop all the processes of Drive Genius (with the help of Cmd+opt +Esc; choose Drive Genius and click on Force Quite). Then, drag-and-drop the app to Trash and confirm uninstalling. Then it is recommended to go through your files and to manually delete all the data associated with Drive Genius. Be sure you delete the following, if they are still there:

Second option is to use a special app. This option is much faster and easier. All you need to do is to use a cleaning app with an uninstalling feature. MacFly Pro can handle it very quickly for you.


Drive Genius 5 is a great tool for managing Mac’s hard drive and its partitions. The set of provided features is rich but very narrow and you will yourself rarely using them on the regular. App’s design feels outdated and even confusing at times which can be a deal-breaker for some. If you don’t mind spending money on such a tool, it is a decent choice. It is recommended to check out the demo version before you make up your mind.

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