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iBoostUp Mac Cleaner and Its Features

iBoostUp is Mac software produced by the Australian company iBoostUp Pty Ltd. It is a Mac optimizing utility that consists of around twenty different features. Let’s dig deeper and see what every feature is about.

iBoost Mac: Features

The app offers four major modules that in their turn contain a set of features. According to user reviews, this is where things get confusing. Let’s figure these modules out.


The cleaning module offers you the following features:

  • Quick clean – this feature gathers different kinds of unneeded files from your Mac and suggests you deleting them. You can check or uncheck files to remove. It also offers to overwrite data and make the removal more secure (should be used on a hard drive only)
quick cleaning iboostup mac
  • Old and unused files – here you can choose a period of time that you haven’t used certain files and remove them. You can choose not to scan inside packages such as applications or bundles as well as hidden dot folders and files such as ‘.DS.Store’.
  • Cookies – if you don’t want your information to be tracked by different websites, you should clean cookies on a regular basis. You can do that manually in each browser you have. iBoostUp offers you to clean cookies from all your browsers at once. It currently supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Please remember, that deleting your cookies logs your out of different websites. So make sure you know your passwords.
  • Duplicate file finder – this feature searches for files or folders with identical content (even if the names of the files are different). We suggest you being careful with this feature and always check the files this feature suggests. Note, that this feature is only available to the subscribed users.


Here you can find:

  • Disk health checks your startup items and fixes possible issues connected to disk health. (Meant to be used on HDDs and does not work as intended on an SSD)
  • Memory booster – this tab helps you free up RAM. It is recommended to use it before you start some complex software such as games or emulation applications. It also provides similar to Activity Monitor means of monitoring the use of memory and even a real-time Menubar widget.
free up memory iboostup
  • Network – helps optimize your network settings.


The security module provides you with:

  • Browser Doctor – browser extension manager that helps take control over all extensions installed. Much like the cookie cleaning feature, Browser Doctor supports all 4 of the major browsers.
  • Firewall – this feature checks your network security settings and recommends you dealing with different security issues if there are any.
  • Shredder – with the help of this feature, you can delete chosen files irretrievably. You can simply open the tab Shredder and drag and drop any files you want to completely remove. Always remember that you will not be able to recover these files.
  • ARP Cache checks if there are any ARP Cache Poisoning attacks are being in action at the moment.
  • Wireless – this feature checks all the available hotspots for suspicious activities so that you don’t connect to seemingly dangerous networks.


  • Battery health – this feature checks if there are any issues with your battery.
  • App Viewer – provides information on any installed app of your choice.
iboostup app viewer mac
  • Disk usage feature gives you important information about your disk usage.
  • Tweaks – this feature offers access and adjustment of otherwise hidden system settings.
  • App uninstaller – with its help, you can remove an application and all the files it may leave in different places in your system. Often if you remove an app manually, many files are still left on your computer. Here, though, the iBoostUp developers claim that the app is able to find and delete all the files associated to a certain app.
  • File Types – enables you to assign default apps to file types of choice.
  • Crashes feature looks for crashed applications and suggests solutions.
  • Startup items – here you can see what programs are launched automatically when you start your Mac. You can also add items to this list or delete ones you don’t need.
  • Check my apps feature gathers all the apps installed on your Mac and gives you important information about them.

How does the app work?

The process itself is quite simple once you familiarize yourself with all the features and their work spectrum. All you need to do is to download the app, install it, and run it. Probably the most often feature you want to use is Quick Clean, as it basically cleans all the junk scattered around your Mac. Here are your actions at this point:

  • Start iBoostUp
  • Choose Quick Clean
  • Go through the list it suggests to make sure all the chosen files are actually junk. If you believe some of them aren’t, uncheck the box. Normally it shouldn’t suggest anything you might want to keep, but we still recommend you going through this list to see it for yourself.
  • Click on Start Scan
  • After that you’ll see Scan Results. The program will tell you how many items you can delete and how much space it will free for you. At this point, you can either click Clean Now or Cancel.

That’s it. If you want to go further and explore all the features, go ahead and click on every feature at the left bar of the app.

iBoostUp Pricing

The iBoostUp app is mostly free to use. However, in order to gain access to features like Duplicate File Finder, Memory Booster, ARP Cache, and App Uninstaller you are required to subscribe for the monthly service. It will cost you either $4 monthly or $9 yearly. Alternatively, you can purchase unlimited access by spending $29 on a license.

How to uninstall IBoostUp?

If you decide to delete the app from your Mac, there are two ways to do it. First, you can remove the application manually. You can either just drag and drop it to the Trash, or you can click on the app’s icon with the right button and choose Move to Trash.

And the second option is to use another cleaning app to uninstall IBoostUp. MacFly Pro can do it just fine.


iBoostUp is a complex app containing many different features. The majority of the features are free, so you can just download and try them. iBoostUp is a decent Mac maintenance application that is worth considering. While the overall user-experience and UI is at a mediocre level, the features combined with an affordable price make up for it. That is if you can beat the somewhat steep learning curve.

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