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iDoctor Mac App – Easy Software for Mac Cleaning and Protection

The fact that more and more Mac cleaning apps appear on the market tells us that Macs do need some assistance to keep them in good shape. iDoctor app has just recently entered the Mac maintenance scene, yet looks and feels promising. Let’s see what iDoctor app is about.

What is iDoctor?

iDoctor is an application for Mac computers that cleans a system from junk files, optimizes your computer’s performance and protects it from theft. It has different features that aim to improve your Mac’s health and work. Right off the bet, those of you who are familiar with Mac cleaning software will notice that iDoctor took a lot of inspiration from MacKeeper, which, arguably, isn’t your top contender for Mac cleaning “role model”. The resemblance is strong with this one as they look practically identical. The app isn’t free too. If you are willing to give iDoctor the benefit of the doubt, you can take a peek at the current prices below:

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iDoctor App Features

iDoctor’s interface is quite simple and intuitive. It doesn’t have too many features like some other cleaning apps, and that makes its usage a bit more simple and pleasant. The app consists of three modules. Let’s dig into all of them in our review.

First module – Professional Assistance

This module offers two sections – Scan & Treat and iDoctor on Demand. Scan & Treat performs an overall scan of your Mac looking for different kinds of issues it may have and offering solutions. You can either trust the app’s judgments fixing all the suggested problems, or you can go through every category in details and choose what to fix manually. The app then will tell you how many items have been fixed and how much memory it has freed.

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iDoctor on Demand is quite a rare feature among the cleaning apps. iDoctor offers remote assistance from their experts. Should you have any questions or you don’t understand something about the app or scan results, you can always ask online and get the answer right away (they have 24/7 customer support). Note that there is an FAQ section and make sure you go there first; chances are that your question is answered there.

Second Module – Security

This module offers you two features – Safe Browsing and Theft Tracker. Safe Browsing protects your computer from various types of Internet fraud. If you enable real-time safe browsing, it will block the websites with the history of identity thefts, phishing and other kinds of scammy techniques. This feature also performs automatic security updates, if enabled. Thus, if new scam sites or fraud types have been discovered, they are added to the list.

Theft tracker will let you know the physical location of your Mac in case it is stolen or lost. It works offline, too.

Third Module – Pro Toolkit

This module consists of more than 10 tools you can use to clean your MacBook and optimize its performance. The following are some of the features from the Pro Toolkit as for today.

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How to Uninstall iDoctor

As with almost all the cleaning apps, we have two options of getting rid of them. First, remove iDoctor with the simple Drag & Drop action. Note, though that this will probably leave many files associated with the app on your Mac. You can try and look for those files, but the practice shows that it is quite time-consuming to find them all. This leads us to the second option – deleting iDoctor with the help of MacFly Pro or another trustworthy app. Just check all of our reviews and choose one to your taste.

Final thoughts

iDoctor is a solid app with a user-friendly interface and polished design. It offers all the required cleaning options and has a few tools up its sleeve that other cleaning apps don’t provide. Its current version still needs improvement and a few bug fixes, however the only significant issue with iDoctor is its close resemblance to MacKeeper – a disaster application with sketchy marketing techniques. The feeling of dealing with yet another MacKeeper clone always stays at the back of your mind. If you can get pass that – iDoctor may be well worth a shot.

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