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What Is MacClean 3 and How Can It Be Useful to You?

A Mac cleaning app is a good tool to have in your arsenal. Such apps can always clean some space for you and improve the system’s performance. The problem is to find a perfect app to download that would suit your needs and not burden you with too many unneeded tools. Today we will take a look at another cleaning tool to see if it’ll be worth your shot – MacClean by iMobie.

MacClean for Mac – Features

Let’s cut to the chase. When you install the software, you can see 9 tabs divided into two modules, Cleanup and Utilities. Let’s see what each of them can do. The Cleanup module offers you the following tools:

  • System Junk tool looks for different unnecessary files left by system running, user operations and program leftovers. It collects junk under the categories User Junk, OS X Junk, Development Junk and App Leftover and shows you how much of every kind of system junk there is on your Mac. You can clean it right away or click on every category to see the details. Note, that the first MacClean scan is resource hungry and may cause your Mac to slow down while scanning.
mac clean scan
  • Internet Junk is up to search and delete download and browsing history, as well as cookies and cached files from your active browsers. The program shows you how much junk it found in every browser. Again, you can see every file before you let the app clean them all.
  • Malicious Cookie – cookies themselves can be a good thing, as they remember some important information from the websites you often use. Malicious cookies, on the other hand, gather your personal information and your preferences for their own benefits such as target advertising. MacClean claims to find and delete only the later kind of cookies with their Malicious Cookie tool.
  • Privacy Issue – this feature can be useful if you share your Mac with someone or you don’t want your app, document or file histories to be kept on your device. This tool won’t save a lot of space, but will rather protect your information from possible violations.
privacy issue mac clean
  • Security Issue – this feature looks for viruses and malware among your applications and downloaded files. It requires a separate download. Unlike other features, this one takes some time, depending on the number of files you have in your system. A regular checkup takes around 15 minutes. You probably won’t find anything with this tool, and Macs are pretty secured from viruses, however, there can be exceptions, and it maybe useful to do such checkups once in awhile.

The Utilities module has the following tabs:

  • Cleanup Tools consist of App Uninstaller (the title is fully self-explanatory), Duplicate Finder (can locate identical files and then remove them), Language File Clean (deletes automatically stored languages from your Mac; don’t use it if you use other languages apart from English), File Eraser (erases files with no recovery option) and Old & Large Files (finds big files and removes them upon your agreement). The last feature is not always effective, as it doesn’t find certain file formats (ENEX, AVI, VAW, etc.) Besides, the app shows you the whole path and you cannot always see the file name. You can always go to All My Files (through Finder) and sort your files by size to check if the app missed anything.
macclean cleanup tools
  • Optimization Tools – this tab combines the following tools: iPhoto Clean, Binary Junk Remover, Extension Manager, Trash Sweeper and iOS Backup Cleanup.
  • Quarantine is the place where the app puts the files it considers infected. You can either delete them from here, or restore.
  • MacClean Update – here you’ll find new versions of the app and all the updates you can install. Your security database will also be updated here, yet, it requires a separate install.

The Pricing

MacClean 3 requires payment; however, you can get a free trial to see if it is for you. If you do decide to buy it, there are three options:

  1. 1 Year Subscription for $19.99. It can be used only on one Mac device and implies one year of free support.
  2. Personal License – for $29.99. It is also for one Mac, but this time you’re a lifetime access to the app.
  3. Family License – for $39.99. You and up to five family members can use the app. This plan also offers free and priority support.

All plans imply 60-days money back guarantee.

How Do You Uninstall MacClean?

There are two main ways of getting rid of MacClean. If you’re willing to spend some time and effort, delete the app manually. To do so, first stop all its processes in Activity Monitor. Then drag MacClean’ icon to the Trash bin. After that, you should locate all the files the app has left and remove them, too. This could take some time and can be done using Finder search for all files associated with the vendor & application name.

If you do not want to deal with all that, you can use some app that can remove MacClean along with all the associated files. You should try MacFly Pro for that!

Final Thoughts

The app does a decent job cleaning Mac’s system. However, it also has some drawbacks you want to check before you decide to buy it. A lot of MacClean’s tools can be substituted with the native macOS functionality. User reviews also claim that the app tends to crash from time to time. Moreover, MacClean’s features package falls short when compared to the competition in the same price range. Regardless, if you’ve set your eye on iMobie’s app, it’s recommended you extensively use the trial version, before committing to a purchase.

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