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What is MacFly Pro and Why Your Mac Needs It — MacFly Pro Review

Finding the right app is often the matter of trial and error. However, there is no place for compromise, when it comes to keeping your Mac clean, safe, and secure. Fortunately, there are options to choose from and reviews to help you make sure the choice is right. Among more widely spread options, MacFly Pro is making its way to the top, but is it worth installing? — Let’s find out in this MacFlyPro review.

MacFly Pro Features Explained

When you first startup MacFly Pro you are welcomed with a Smart Assistant home screen (more about the assistant later).

welcome screen macfly pro

Note, that unlike much of its competition, MacFly Pro does not get right into scanning until you run one manually. Nice little touch that lets you have more control and gives time to figure out what the app is all about before it does anything which is a rare find these days. At this point you can either hit Scan Now on the home screen, to run a comprehensive scan, or head over to other sections and select whichever feature you like.

Cleanup Utilities

In the Cleanup section you will find everything you would expect from a maintenance app — you’ve got your System cleaning, Leftovers, Memory and Mail Attachments management.

macfly pro cleanup

System removes log files, caches, localizations, and languages if you choose to do so. Leftovers deals with files left behind by the apps that you have already removed from your Mac. Memory quickly cleans up idle processes to free up RAM. Mail Attachments module helps clean up attachment cache in default Mail app on your Mac.

Tools Kit

Tools section lives up to its name and houses a few additional utilities to make storage management that much easier. You’ve got it all — find Duplicates, uninstall Apps, locate Big Files and Shredder to remove unwanted data for good.

macfly pro tools

At first glance, the design is simple, but it quickly grows on you, and you start appreciating the structured grouping and layout of all features. Not to mention that you won’t have to click around the app too much thanks to MacFly Pro’s Smart Assistant.

Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant is hands down MacFly Pro’s main attraction. Basically, you can go about your own business and rely on the assistant to remind you when you should run another cleanup. The assistant runs occasional scans in the background, when your Mac is not under heavy load to avoid draining performance, and hits you up with a reminder when junk files pass a certain threshold. You can then clean things up with a single click of a button.

macflypro smart assistant

Getting the MacFly Pro Scam? Question Answered

A question that comes up in one way or another whenever the world is introduced to a new app — is it a scam? The short answer is no, MacFly Pro isn’t.

The word ‘scam’ has acquired a wide range of meanings on the internet and in most cases means that you are getting fooled into downloading stuff and getting no service out of them. The dictionary definition is ‘dishonest scheme’, and MacFly Pro does not fall under either of these as it delivers the services it promises.

Moreover, MacFly Pro makes this point hard to argue by being completely free to use. Upon downloading, you get full access to all of its features, permanently. With such a selection of features under its belt, MacFly Pro has what it takes to throw down the gauntlet and measure its strength with the big fish, however, MacFly Pro puts no price tag on its services. No wonder the question of scam arise — it’s too good to be true.

How to Uninstall MacFly Pro from Your Mac

To Uninstall MacFlyPro you won’t have to go looking all over your Mac. Start by heading over to Finder > Applications and dragging the main app to Trash. Then, while still in Finder, hit Shift+cmd+G to open Go to Folder window. Copy and Paste the directories one by one and remove everything that contains ‘bg’ and ‘MFP’ in the name within a folder.

uninstall screen macfly pro

The Bottom Line

MacFly Pro is proving to be a worthy contender for the spot of your Mac cleaning app of choice.

MacFly Pro

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