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MacShiny for Mac Review: Features Outshine Functionality

MacShiny is said to be a professional all-in-one maintenance tool that your Mac desperately needs to run smoothly. It comes packed full of features to help you get the most of your Apple computer: remove outdated or unwanted apps, get rid of duplicates and unnecessary data, find security issues, manage browser extensions, and much more. In other words, MacShiny strives to be the answers to each and every of Mac user’s bad habits, whether it’s downloading a bunch of applications which you end up never using, or being bad at managing your local files inevitably resulting in a drive cluttered with duplicate item copies. That ambition sounds great on paper, but does MacShiny hit its target or only sets expectations bound to be unfulfilled? Let’s find out.

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MacShiny Features Breakdown

It is safe to assume, that MacShiny’s features are its main attraction. Cyan Soft’s utility comes with more than a handful of familiar cleaning tools such as system scan, large files and duplicates finder, app uninstaller, file eraser, extensions manager, and even an antivirus. Surely, this sounds like a decent amount of tools that you get within a single app. What’s even more important, however, is the functionality you’re able to squeeze out of it all. Here is a summarized list of things that you can do on your Mac using MacShiny software:

Depending on your experience with Mac optimization software, you may or may not notice that hardly anything on this list allows MacShiny to stand out. To give you an example, the core functionality MacShiny provides with its 14-feature-package, MacFly Pro covers in 8 modules only. Point being, numbers, in this case, don’t matter as, while it makes for a great marketing campaign, it does not reflect the real-life application of the software. Hence, to give you a clearer perspective, take a look at a more down-to-earth list of MacShiny’s pros & cons:

MacShiny’s Pros

MacShiny’s Cons

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To top it off, there is Cyan Soft’s aggressive marketing strategy, that focuses around intimidating users with large numbers and flashy colors. As a result, a quick online search reveals that MacShiny is considered to be a rouge malware app on quite a few reputable review platforms.

MacShiny for Mac Pricing

After downloading and installing MacShiny you will be automatically given a free trial of the application. To activate the app, you will have to sign up for one of the plans and get an activation code.

First impressions after installing the app? No matter how much you want to love this thing, it frankly gives you no reason to do so, especially coming from a competitor like CleanMyMac or MacFly Pro. MacShiny will immediately start its scanning cycle and display all sorts of warnings and errors even on the cleanest of Mac machines. The numbers it displays are clearly artificial and even a Mac rookie will nose out them not being legit. What makes MacShiny even more untrustworthy, is the fact that there is no way you can take a look at a more detailed explanation of what you’re being offered to clean.

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Steep pricing is what makes the sale even tougher. Cyan Soft, however, also claims that the estimated value of their product is $509, which, frankly, is hard to believe.

How to Uninstall MacShiny

To completely remove MacShiny from your Mac follow these simple steps:

However, to be completely sure your Mac is free from MacShiny or any associated virus or malware:

This should completely rid your machine of MacShiny.

The Bottom Line

MacShiny users, who have opted for the app in the heat of a computer problem, report the app to be underwhelming, to say the least. MacShiny for Mac seemingly scans your computer, tells you that you have a variety of critical issues, then allegedly cleans a small percentage of them at no cost before requiring you to convert to the full paid version.

While, at first glance, MacShiny may seem like an acceptable cleaning application, you quickly discover that it has nothing to give it edge over the competition. It’s high price and questionable reputation make it difficult to recommend to any user. If, however, your Mac needs immediate assistance, MacFly Pro has proven to be more impactful at a much better value.

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