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MacShiny for Mac Review: Examining The Merits and Demerits

The MacShiny app is marketed as a professional level tool for cleaning up your Mac and helping it run more smoothly. The MacShiny software is designed as an all-inclusive tool that helps Mac users get the most out of their computers. It removes outdated or unwanted apps, duplicate or unnecessary data, and unwanted junk files. Many users inadvertently download apps, free trials, and other software that they never actually use. Similarly, it’s easier than you think to clutter your Mac with duplicate files, unnecessary plugins, and unemptied trash. Along comes MacShiny to help you manage extensions, keep the apps you do use up to date, and safely and completely delete private or sensitive data.

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MacShiny for Mac Features

Cyan Soft’s MacShiny comes packed with a set of familiar cleaning features. Among the tools you will find everything you’d expect to see, but nothing that would make it stand out. With the help of MacShiny you can:

  • Delete junk files from various locations – System Log Files, System Cache Files, and more – using the System Cleanup tool
  • Detect, locate, and remove unused programs, big files, and hidden apps that take up needed and valuable space
  • Delete all Trash folders simultaneously with the Trash Cleanup tool
  • Free up your system and get rid of duplicate files that are taking up disk space with the Duplicates Finder function
  • Use the Updater tool to keep the apps you use on a consistent basis running smoothly and up to date

MacShiny’s Pros

  • MacShiny offers a polished design that makes it easy to get around

MacShiny’s Cons

  • Many reputable sites consider MacShiny a rogue malware app
  • Once you download the MacShiny software program, you might receive excessive and annoying advertising when using it
  • Although their website purports to have a solid 5-star rating from over 14 million users, there is no link to said reviews and they cannot be verified
  • MacShiny opts for aggressive marketing of their product, constantly rubbing intimidating reminders with large numbers in your face
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MacShiny Pricing

After downloading and installing MacShiny you will automatically be given access to the trial version of the application. No matter how much you want to love this thing, it frankly gives you no reason to do so, especially coming from a competitor like CleanMyMac or MacFly Pro. MacShiny will immediately start its scanning cycle and display all sorts of warning and possible errors even on the cleanest of Mac machines. The numbers it displays are so big that even a Mac newbie can’t help but questions how realistic those can be. What makes it even more shady, is the fact that there is no way you can take a look at a more detailed explanation of what you’re being offered to clean.

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The outrageous pricing is what makes the sale even tougher (that is if you were considering buying MacShiny in the first place).

  • The 6-month Standard Plan is $11.95 per month (for a total of $71.70)
  • The 12-month Ultimate Plan is $8.95 per month (for a total of $107.40)
  • The 24-month Deluxe Plan is $5.95 per month (for a total of $142.80)

How to Uninstall MacShiny

To completely remove MacShiny from your Mac follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Finder>Applications
  • Find MacShiny app and drag it to Trash bin
  • On the popped up windows confirm you want to remove MacShiny
  • Follow the instructions

However, to be completely sure your Mac is free from MacShiny or any associated virus or malware:

  • Open Finder
  • Hit Shift+cmd+G to open Go to folder window
  • Paste the /var/db/ directory and hit Go
  • Search for any files and folders associated with cyan or macshiny
  • Drag and drop them to Trash

This should completely rid your machine of MacShiny.

The Bottom Line

MacShiny users report it as one of those annoying and aggravating rip-off schemes that seems like a good idea initially – particularly in the heat and frustration of a computer problem. It seemingly scans your computer, tells you that you have a variety of critical issues, then allegedly cleans a small percentage of them at no cost before requiring you to convert to the full paid version. While at first glance MacShiny seems like an alright app to use, you quickly discover that it has nothing to give it an edge over the competition. It’s high price and questionable reputation don’t make it any less difficult to recommend to any users.

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