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Movavi For Mac — Is Mac Cleaner 2 Worth it?

Part of owning a computer is dealing with the junk that it can accumulate overtime. Unless you already know what you are up against, locating what bogs down your Mac can take extra effort. Luckily, there is an app for everything, and if Movavi Mac Cleaner 2 is on your radar for the job, here are the things you need to know before buying.

Movavi Mac Cleaner 2 Features Review

Before breaking down the features, you should know that much like a lot of its competition, Mac Cleaner 2 from Movavi can be downloaded and installed for free. Free version comes with all features, but only lets you clean up to 500 Mbs. Full version of the software will require an activation key that will cost you $40.

Quick Cleanup

Upon launching the app, it will automatically start running a Quick Cleanup, which includes System Cleanup, Trash Cleanup and Unused Languages by default. Mac Cleaner 2 will only do the scanning and offer to remove a set of junk files stacked up by your OS X. Fortunately, this can be configured, though in not exactly a very intuitive location. While in Status tab, click the cogwheel icon and select the utilities you want at work when the app is launched.

movavi cleanup

The System Cleanup scan revealed a lot of user cache, but did not provide any smart suggestions towards cache cleaning. Take Spotify for example, or any other music streaming service for that matter. You would much rather prefer keeping your music cached for quick access, right? After all, if you erase that cache the app will have to download all of your songs again. The point is, that offering the user a choice of whether to clean it or not would be a better option. As of now, all of your caches are cleaned by default, so checking scan results is always a must unless you need to maximize free space at all costs.

movavi cache cleaner


Movavi Mac Cleaner 2 provides a set of utilities you would expect to find in a competitive cleaning software:

movavi duplicates removing

Overall, the application does not seem to offer any exceptional or unique utilities that you Mac can’t do away with, which is a bummer.

Security & Privacy

Another set of additional features that you are getting in the package includes Shredder, Firewall, and Antivirus.

While Firewall is just a Movavi’s take on the built-in Firewall from Apple, it gives you a few additional options, which can be useful if you know what you are doing.

Shredder has always been a niche feature as most of the files are completely fine deleted the conventional way. But you never really know when you are going to need it so it’s good to have regardless.

Antivirus protection requires accepting additional license agreement as it is powered by an open source engine and database called Clam AV. Therefore, if you feel like you Mac can potentially be exposed to malware, this could be somewhat useful.

In similar to the Utilities manner, Security and Privacy features offer additional functionality that gives certain level of convenience for your money.

Uninstall Movavi Cleaner from Your Mac

If at this point you are interested in giving Movavi’s app trial a shot, consider the hassle it will put you through when attempting to uninstall it from your Mac. You can always go for the simple drag-and-drop to Trash type of removal, however this way you will have quite a significant number of folders left behind. Here is how to get rid of them (assuming you have already trashed the main app from the Finder>Applications folder).

Open Finder and press Shift+cmd+G to bring up the Go to Folder window, enter the path to ~/Library. At the user Library folder, go to Search in the upper right corner and search for Movavi. Choose search in “Library” to locate application leftovers. Select and move all of the located files to Trash.

uninstall movavi

Rinse and repeat the same for ~/Library/Preferences,

movavi manually removing

~/Library/Saved Application State,

movavi leftovers

and /var/folders/ locations.

fully delete movavi

Empty your trash to finish up the process.

The Bottom Line

Movavi Mac Cleaner 2 is yet another option on the competitive market of Mac cleaning software. It neither poses any evident flaws (except for the design choice, but that is highly subjective), nor does it bring anything new and exciting to the table. Honestly speaking, no matter how much you want to like this application, at the price of 40 bucks for a single license, there are better options out there capable of keeping your Mac in shape.

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