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OnyX Mac Cleaner Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Helpful

OnyX is a well-known program that has been helping Mac users since Jaguar (OS 10.2 X). It’s a utility software that offers comprehensive maintenance for your Mac. This straightforward maintenance and optimization tool for OS X is great for streamlining your machine. OnyX OS X Cleaner is a multifunctional utility that can verify your Mac’s startup disk, run a variety of maintenance and cleaning tasks, and configure parameters in Finder, Dock, Safari, and other apps. It’s handy for deleting caches, removing redundant and excessive files and folders, rebuilding databases and indexes, and making your machine run more smoothly and with added disk space.

Mac OS X Cleaner OnyX Features

Right away OnyX feels like an app for a demanding Mac user who already knows one’s way around macOS. It’s safe to use, but due to rich selection of tools and commands inexperienced users can potentially cause damage to their systems.

Titanium Software’s OnyX is a true Swiss-army knife in the Mac utility world. Its toolkit packages everything from a various system reports generator to cleaning and spotlight reindexing tools. You will notice right away that OnyX puts main emphasis on advanced functionality at cost of good-looking, easy-to-use interface. Bare minimum effort has been put in the way the app looks, which seems alright considering OnyX’s functionality and no price charged for any of it.

OnyX Computer Cleaner Pros

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OnyX Computer Cleaner Cons

Using OnyX on Mac

After installing OnyX you will need to give it permissions in the System Preferences> Security & Privacy> Accessibility settings.

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After allowing the app to control your computer, you will be able to use it to its fullest potential. It is fully safe, as OnyX has proven to be worthy of your trust. The application does a great job of guiding a user through the initial installation process which is a big plus.

While OnyX comes with an extremely high learning curve it is definitely worth it if you are serious about Mac maintenance. Even when only getting a hang of the app, the experience using it smooth. Granted, it takes significantly more time to get around and find what you need, then learn how to use it, but the result pays. The biggest tip to anyone striving to get better at OnyX is to read provided notes and warnings. It will keep you from making ignorant mistakes and give general insight on app’s capabilities.

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OnyX’s Pricing

OnyX maintenance and optimization tool is available as a free download from the Titanium Software website. All versions of OnyX are donation-ware (freeware). There is a donation option, but donation is totally optional and the software is free to download, copy, and distribute (as long as no modifications are made prior to sharing or distributing), and free to use forever.

How to Uninstall OnyX

Follow these steps if you need to fully remove OnyX from your Mac:

Empty your Trash bin and restart your Mac to complete the uninstallation process.

The Bottom Line

OnyX Computer Cleaner has a variety of tabs inside its app that allow you to make unique customizations to the way your Mac boots up, the way apps work, how screenshots are captured, and more. Tech savvy, experienced Mac users will find lots of ways to eliminate dialog boxes and button presses and truly customize the app. For less experienced users, OnyX is a simple yet powerful maintenance and optimization tool. It’s completely free and helps keep your Mac clean itself and running smoothly. Each action is clearly explained in detail, and the Help Guide offers any additional assistance you might need. OnyX Computer Cleaner lets you set your own checkpoints and parameters including, Dock, iTunes, and Spotlight. It fully cleans your files and system. For the price (free), it’s a great product!

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