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Yasu for Mac – Do You Need It?

All Apple users know that Macs are pretty self-sufficient devices. They normally have almost everything to protect, clean and maintain themselves. However, there are always things that can make even the perfect systems a bit better. Cleaning and maintaining apps are among such things. Today we want to drag your attention to the Yasu app. In the following review, you will learn what this app is for, how to use it, what features it brings, how much it costs and how to uninstall it. So, let’s go!

Yasu Mac Cleaner – How Do You Use It?

Yasu app claims to be a very simple tool (Yasu in fact stands for Yet Another System Utility). And it seems about right – using Yasu doesn’t require any special skills or reading long instructions. You simply follow a few steps:

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Note that you can choose what to do when the processes are finished. You can pick to restart, shut down, sleep, log out, quit and do nothing. It is recommended to restart the system, though.

Yasu Software Features

Using any kind of app without knowing what it does exactly is always a bad idea. So, before you download and use Yasu, you better get to know all the features this tool offers. When you start the app, it offers you quite a lot of boxes to check or uncheck. Let’s see what all that is about. All the features are divided into three categories.

Reset Permissions and System Caches – the following tools take care of different system caches, launch services and home folder permissions. They also deal with maintenance scripts, also called cron scripts. You can learn all about them here. Here are all the tools:

Browsers’ Caches – these tools delete different kinds of caches created by all of your active browsers.

Cleaning Log Files – Macs collect a huge number of logs. The following tools can clean differents kinds of those:

None of these cleaning tools should bring any harm to your Mac. However, you may lose some information such as password information for websites. When you start the app, the following boxes are checked automatically: reset home folder permissions, clear system caches, clear browser caches, clear browser downloads, remove archived logs, remove application logs, remove system logs.

Yasu Pricing

The app is free to use. However, you can buy three kinds of license. Personal license ($7.99) if for using Yasu on all the Mac computers you own. Family plan ($19.99) allows all of your family members to use the application. And the Business one ($74.99) is for using the software by the unlimited number of Macs within the same physical location.

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Yasu Uninstalling Process

If you are not satisfied with the app’s features, or you simply don’t need any of them, there are two ways to delete Yasu. First one is the manual removal. To remove the all by yourself, first stop all its processes. Find it via Activity Monitor and stop it. Then, move Yasu to Trash. You can either just drag the icon to the trash bin, or find it in the Applications folder and do the same. Alternatively, click on the software with the right button and choose Move to Trash. Then go through the /Library and /Applications folders and delete all the files you can find that are associated with Yasu.

The second option of uninstalling Yasu implies using some other app for it. A big number of cleaning apps offer the software uninstalling tool. Such tools usually remove applications along with all the associates files and folders. Try MacFly Pro for that!

Final Thoughts

Concluding all the above, the app is pretty simple to use and is worth trying, especially considering the fact that it is free. However, comparing to other cleaning applications it lacks many important features such as duplicates cleaning or app uninstalling. Nevertheless, if the tools that Yasu offers are enough for your needs, the app is definitely a decent option to try.

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