Managing your disk space is just another chore that every Mac user needs to do every now and then. And just like most chores, hardly anyone takes pleasure in it. Cleaning out a Mac takes time and keeps you from doing what you actually like. Unfortunately, there is no best way of getting it done, neither a free cure-all remedy for all of your Mac’s problems. So what are you supposed to do? Let’s take a look at a couple of options.

Use Onboard Software to Clean Your Mac

Assuming you are not fond of the manual cleaning option, you can partially speed up the process by using the free built-in macOS optimization tools. These include Store in iCloud, Optimize Storage, Empty Trash Automatically and Reduce Clutter. To access macOS storage optimization tools go to Apple Menu>About This Mac and select Storage tab, click Manage. While most of them provide basic functionality, the Reduce Clutter feature proves to be the most useful of all.

It consists of three tabs that allow you to quickly find Large files, old Downloads, and Browse all of your folders & files with the size displayed. This adds an extra level of convenience and helps speed up cleaning routine.

Reasons for Using Mac Cleaner from a Third-Party

There is nothing wrong with using third-party cleaning and utility apps. There is a fair number of great applications that will help you step up your Mac cleaning game. Conversely, there are some that have hardly any positive impact on your system.

To figure out whether you need a cleaning tool you first have to set the right expectations.

You should understand that cleaning applications are not meant to boost performance. Using this kind of software neither speeds up your hardware nor makes it work faster. What a cleaning utility can do is help get rid of the clutter that can be slowing down your system, making your Mac feel noticeably snappier.

The main reason why Mac cleaner apps should be on your radar however, is for the sake of ease and simplicity they offer in cleaning. Running a single scan is going to save you substantial amounts of time versus manual going over folder directories and handpicking irrelevant supporting data that was left behind by an application.

The bottom line is that you can’t kick back on Mac cleaning, but you can reduce the time you spend doing it. If this still sounds like an empty talk, consider checking out the infographic below the that includes actual data to back up the claim, along with a few additional tips.

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