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How to Delete Kodi from Mac

Kodi, formerly XBMC, is a popular open-source media player for Mac and Apple TV available for free. It is used for viewing, streaming, and playing all kinds of media — music, movies, video, and podcasts. Despite all of its features, there is something Kodi isn’t particularly good at — removing all of associated files when uninstalled. Let’s take a look at how you can manually clean up the mess it leaves behind. 

How to Completely Uninstall Kodi on Mac

There is a list of reasons that make removing Kodi a challenge. It’s not just the application file you want to uninstall, but also wipe all of its add-ons, clean out the cache, and delete the entire database. After all, most people struggle even with figuring out the controls within the app, not to mention how to erase the app from their Mac. 

How to Delete Add-ons in Kodi

The good news is that Kodi has improved since the XBMC days. There are a lot more add-ons available for download; finding and removing them has become easier too. 

To download a new add-on: 

To remove an add-on:

kodi uninstall addons

How to Delete

The first step to complete uninstalling Kodi from your Mac is removing the main applications. Before you begin, make sure you quit Kodi if you have it running. To do that you will have to press the Power button on your Mac and choose Exit. You can now proceed to removing Kodi from your Mac. 

exit kodi app

Alternatively, you can ctrl-click the app and choose Move to Trash

While this familiar to Mac users set of actions will remove the main application from your Mac, it leaves behind files and doesn’t delete the entire database. 

How to Delete Associated Files

Kodi tends to keep quite a bit of files on your hard drive. Some of these are easier located than others. 

Lastly, head back to Finder and use Search to check if any Kodi and XBMC items are still on your Mac. If you find anything, simply select and move them to Trash.

How to Remove Kodi from Mac Using MacFly Pro

Manually exploring your library folder, chasing after files between different directories, and second-guessing if what you’re deleting is the right file — all of this gets needlessly stressful and ruthlessly time-consuming. A quicker, safer, and stress-free alternative would be to grab MacFly Pro app. This utility application is capable of far more than your regular uninstaller, yet its uninstalling capabilities are what we are going to be looking at. 

uninstall kodi macfly pro

This will do for complete uninstallation of Kodi from Mac. If you are looking to continue cleaning out your Mac from unused applications and irrelevant associated files, you can use MacFly Pro to further free up storage and rid your Mac of the junk.