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How to Remove Spotify from Mac

Spotify is a music, video, and podcast streaming service developed by Spotify AB in Sweden. Founded back in 2006, Spotify has vastly added in popularity only over the last couple of years. The shift of how the media is consumed has undoubtedly helped Spotify achieve their level of success among music streaming services. Becoming the go-to choice for music listening, Spotify app has earned its rightful spot on everyone’s Mac.

Why Would You Want to Clear Spotify Cache?

As Spotify is a streaming service, it is nothing but natural that its algorithms encourage stashing cached data of music you’ve listened to in order to reduce your internet data usage and offer a smoother listening experience. Needless to say that the cache size may vary depending on how much music you listen to. It can be as low as just a couple of hundred megabytes, or spin out of control and take up 10 gigs or more. 

While 10GBs may not seem like a big deal for some, it is a lot of potentially free storage on, for example, a 128GB MacBook. To be fair, some of the cached items will rebuild. This is especially true for the songs you listen to on the regular, however clearing cache can still give a significant, yet temporary, boost in available storage. 

How to Delete Spotify Cache on Mac

Erasing Spotify cache requires you to take a few additional steps and explore Finder. And, in case you’re wondering, clearing cache does not affect your playlists, local files, or your favorite music saved on Spotify — all of these are still going to be available after cache is cleared. Without any further ado, here is what you have got to do in order to erase Spotify cache:

spotify erase cache

How to Delete Local Files on Spotify Mac

Often mistaken for cached songs, local files are the songs that you own and keep on your Mac’s disk. Basically, if the feature is enabled, you can listen to your music using Spotify as a media player. Follow these steps to remove local files from your Spotify: 

spotify disable local files

If Spotify still shows the songs, but does not play them, then proceed to delete local files cache:

local files cache spotify

How to Delete Spotify on Mac

Uninstalling Spotify from a Mac is not difficult, it’s the complete uninstallation that takes a little work. Begin by deleting the main app:

Continue by locating and removing application leftovers: 

If any of this feels like too much work, simply download and run MacFly Pro: 

macfly pro uninstall spotify

This concludes Spotify uninstallation guide. With all the options for you to choose from, pick the one that works best for you. If you’re in need of free space on your drive, it’s highly recommended you keep MacFly Pro and put to use the features it offers. It’s a safe and surefire way of cleaning out your Mac’s drive.