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How to Delete Steam on Mac

Steam needs no introduction to any video game enthusiast. Created by Valve Corporation, Steam is a giant open gaming hub. Steam is mostly known for its video game store that features thousands of titles from AAA to indie and offers lavish discounts. Its community features are overlooked, but nevertheless, it’s there if you’re interested.

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For gamers all over the globe, Steam has become a digital paradise.

The unfortunate side of gaming on a Mac, besides the obvious, is its limited storage. Keeping your entire Steam library will cost space — a lot of space. So if you are looking to free up space on your Mac, deleting Steam, or at least some of the games, would be the first place to look. 

How to Uninstall Games from Mac

Games library can take up tons of your MacBook storage. Modern Triple-A games need tens of gigabytes and having multiple ones installed is a sure way to waste precious SSD space. If Mac is your only gaming device and you are not yet ready to remove Steam completely, delete video games you do not play from your Mac to save room. 

Permanently Remove Games from Library

You can then continue to permanently remove a game from your Steam library: 

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Note: This completely deletes the game from your Steam library! 

Hide Games from Steam Library

Generally, there is no need to permanently remove games from the library, as they cannot be recovered and don’t take up any space. Moreover, if you want to keep things tidy, simply hiding the game will do the trick. 

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How to Uninstall Steam from Mac

Keeping Steam on your Mac can take up too much disk space (and too much of your time). You know you need to clean up your drive and uninstall space-hogging apps when your OS starts struggling due to lack of free space. If Steam is one of those apps for you, here is how you can remove it.

This will remove the major components of the application and free up space. However to completely get rid of Steam you will also have to delete its additional files.





~/Library/Saved Application State/…


Uninstall Steam Using MacFly Pro

If you don’t want to be bothered with all the extra manual effort, grab MacFly Pro to quickly and completely uninstall Steam from your Mac. 

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This concludes full uninstallation of Steam on Mac. Whether you want to delete some games, reinstall Steam, with or without losing downloaded games, or completely remove Steam from your Mac — this guide should have your questions answered. Using the MacFly Pro option is by far the fastest way of uninstalling Steam. Once removed, you can also use MacFly Pro to further clean your Mac and free up even more space on your startup disk.