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How to Delete Skype from Mac

Applications are used to do anything whether it is to take notes, listen to music, edit pictures, browse the web — you name it. No matter what needs to be done — there is an app for that. Moreover, in the majority of cases there is a wide selection of apps full of features with a different approach the same task.

Some applications come and go, but some tend to stick. Skype, for instance, has paved a way for the majority of today’s social networking programs and, over the years, earned its spot on the list of essential applications for a number of users.

This, however, does not mean that the app is without flaw, as many users still struggle with completely removing Skype from their Macs. If you have run into a similar issue, then get comfortable and lets get this figured out.

How to Delete Skype Conversation

Much like the case with browsers, at times, you may not want to keep your history on Skype. Having exchanged a few messages, especially if you have a lot of people reaching out, you may not feel like conversation history deserves a spot on your Recent list. If you are aiming to keep things tidy, your intention to remove it is natural too.

remove conversation skype

The same works for the web version of the application, in case that’s what you are using. 

If it’s only a few messages that you need to remove, then deleting the entire chat history may be a little bit of an overkill. Instead, simply Right or Ctrl-click the message you want to delete and select Remove Message

How to Close Skype Account

With all the new players on the market you may find yourself not wanting to use Skype anymore and that’s understandable. To fully opt out of the service you will need to deactivate your Skype account. But even before you get to that, there are few things you have to know. 

First, your Skype needs to be linked with a Microsoft account and only by deactivating both you can permanently delete your Skype account. Second, if you were using Skype credit and auto-recharge feature, you must disable it prior to closing your account. To do that:

skype deactivate account

You are now ready to permanently close your account. 

Your account will now be disabled and permanently deleted in 60 days. Microsoft keeps your data for 2 months to make it available for recovery in case you change your mind. 

How to Remove Skype from Mac

After going through optional previous steps, you can safely get to completely removing Skype application from your Mac.

find skype application mac

With each step completed, you will ensure Skype for Desktop is fully uninstalled from your Mac. If you choose to recover your account or create a new one, you can always download and install the latest version of Skype back on your Mac. 

How to Uninstall Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a business-oriented version of Skype that has a few additional productivity features. In its essence, it is not vastly different from Skype, but it is rather aimed to separate work contacts from person ones as well as make communicating with your colleagues easier. Follow these steps to remove Skype for Business from your Mac:

uninstall skype for business

This should answer all of your questions regarding uninstallation of Skype from Mac. If you have already uninstalled the application and forgot you had some credit left or an active subscription, you can use the web version of Skype instead of installing the app all over again.